Friday, January 23, 2009

CT scans and chalky stuff

Lynne came early this morning and took me to Providence in her brand new car. Very nice, leather seats (with seat warmers YEOW) individual heating controls; and a beautiful color!

En route I drank the first bottle of chalk crap.

Since Lynne has a lead foot, we got there way we parked in valet parking, I donned my mask and we went up to the unit to see Marcia and Brandi...who were there and happy to see us.

While we were upstairs I broke into the second bottle of chalk crap...and managed to gag down three quarters of it. Marcia had pity on me and told Lynne that three quarters was all I had to drink...when Lynne (some friend) was insisting it was supposed to be both bottles!

We went downstairs to CT scan. I told them that I had a power port...which means that they can give me the dye for the scan through the port, saving me from having to have another needle put in my arm. They told me that I had to go to Oncology to have them access the port, then come back for the CT scan, then go back to Oncology to have the port de-accessed (which includes flushing heparin through it)...I told them screw all that, just stick the needle in my arm! So they did.

Then, as if they didn't believe that I could have drank that chalk crap...they give me a cup of it to down! UGH!

It took no time at all for them to do the scan...they remembered me from the times I had to "visit them" when I was in the hospital and we had a good time joking around. I don't know if you have ever had a CT scan, but when they push that dye through, women feel heat in their vaginal's a different and not unpleasant sensation, which kind of makes up for the chalk crap! It doesn't last long though.

Afterwards Lynne and I went to the cafeteria and had breakfast. I wore my mask when I was in the hospital, but I took it off when I ate, of course. Sandy was very upset with me that we ate in the hospital. "Health care workers go to work when they are sick," she says. She's worried that the cafeteria is filled with germs and something bad is going to happen to me.

When we got home I had to go up to bed and stayed there until 5:30! I still have the runs and am swilling imodium like I own stock in the company...which maybe I do..come to think of it.'s leaving me feeling weak..AND it seems that as soon as I leave the bathroom and lie down, I get the gas and have to run back in....I have no way of knowing if it's merely gas or the "real thing!"

Don't you just love reading all this shit????

Jean came up to stay with me tonight, which I thought was overkill when I heard about the plans earlier this week...but now I'm glad she's here. If I keep these runs going all night, I'll be crawling to the bathroom...I'll also weigh about 120 lbs! Good thing I pig out on the days when I can, and build up the weight!

The Huskies play tomorrow night, but you gotta watch the Geno Show just prior to the game...he's going to be talking about the "tripping incident" after last week's game with Syracuse. CPTV also has snippets from the game that show the "physical play" that got the Huskies upset.

Oh...I have to say, I love the Geico ads...especially the ones with the celebrities speaking for "real people"...but the one they have in the Chinese restaurant is my new favorite...when the waiter says "that's the money you could be saving with Geico" watch him closely after that...I love the look he gives when he says "Geico" and walks off. It's a small thing, but it really tickles me.

Maggie McD sent me this web site: Its a web site devoted to ovarian cancer and making people aware that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month...and teal is the awareness color. I don't put colored nail polish on my fingers, but I will be getting teal polish put on my toes! Maybe Taylor can do it for me....

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netteair said...

Annie M, I'm sorry to hear you are running with the runs. Great news about your numbers. We have been quite busy over here with Anna's Dad. He is living with us temporarily. He had a total knee done the first week of Dec, and came here to recoup. There is much to report but not sure this is the venue for all that. Please send me your # so I can reach you. Quite a Jerry Springer story to tell. On a happy note...Jordan and I drove to DC for the Inauguration. It was so wonderful. Not like the marches we attended at all. This one was so happy and full of hope in everyone we met. It is different to be there celebrating instead of fighting for rights. My favorite memory so far (they are still filtering out) is in the subway station packed in so tight that we couldn't raise our arms, someone started singing Amazing Grace way in the back somewhere and it just spread like a gentle wave thru the station. Goosebumply moments. The people were so happy, friendly, hopeful. Believe!! Jordan was a trooper. We were up front by the frozen reflecting pool on the right side facing the capitol. I'll take him back when we can really see the city. Anyway, I want to come see you. When is good? Cell 860-608-9640 Call me. XXOO nette