Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uncas Revisited

Stayed in bed this AM...languishing. Then I got my ass up, showered, dressed and got ready to go to Uncas.

I decided to drive myself, even though I felt a bit shaky at first. As I went on...things got better. I was early, so I visited with Diana for awhile...which was cool.

The meeting was short...only one person to review. It was someone I knew too...having helped place him in a CTH many, many years ago. It was nice to hear that that CTH placement worked so well for him for so long.

After the meeting I went downstairs as usual to see Molli...and as usual, she wasn't there! Ellen, Sue Fiegel Rapp and I got to chat for awhile, which was great. Then Denise Lambert was nice enough to go out to my car to get the old files that I had brought to shred...and forgot in my car!

I took the scenic route home, it was so nice out there. Sandy called while I was en route....but I was doing fine...just enjoying the sun and the scenery.

Heard from someone I know who may have ovarian cancer. She is pretty upset about it...but I know she will be fine. She's going to have surgery next month...which would drive me nuts to have to wait that long. I'm glad they took me right in and got my "under the knife" time to think and worry! I hope the time passes fast for her and that everything goes as smoothly as it has for me! Well...I don't hope that she has the same lung problem I had!

She will be fine. I just know it!

Lynne has to get her butt out of bed early tomorrow to get up here by 8:00 to pick me up. She is taking me to the hospital to have a CT scan. This is what I hate more than chemo even! You have to drink this horrible chalky stuff, two bottles of it. So at 8 I will start drinking the first one and at 9 the second. I have the goal of finishing one and a half bottles, at least. The nurses were shocked that I drank both bottles when I was in the hospital, they said "NOBODY drinks both bottles!" I had to laugh at that one...I follow directions so well!

So, that's my day tomorrow...nothing by mouth after midnight tonight...and then the chalk. I think I'll make Lynne do the Wendy's drive thru on the way home, so I can eat! I shouldn't go into the restaurant...I'm in "nadir" tomorrow...have to avoid crowds, etc because my immunity will be at its lowest. I will wear my mask tomorrow in the be safe and to keep Lynne happy!

Nighty night all!


moomag said...

CRAP! I forgot about the chalky stuff. I have to go for a CT tomorrow too and I was thinking it was just an injection. That stuff is the worst!

Kathy Incandella said...

Hey Ann. Not sure if you'll remember me...former Uncas Payroll Officer, now VERY happily retired, thank you very much! Denise L. was good enough to share your blog address with me, and I've been keeping tabs! Keep up the good work in the business of getting well so you can rock this retirement phase for a long, long time. I hope the same for myself. All my best to you from up here in frozen Midcoast Maine!

Ann Miller said...

Kathy! Of course I remember you! You never forget the payroll people! LOL!

I didn't know you were living in Maine...I don't envy you...I am so sick of being cold...I can't wait to sit out on my deck in the morning and have my coffee in the sunshine.

It was good to hear from you...glad you enjoy the blog. Every day I hear from more people who are reading this's funny and touching at the same time.

Enjoy your retirement...I know I am!