Saturday, January 17, 2009

Had a lot of energy this up and fed the pets; swept the floor; cleaned out the fireplace; got the newspaper; took Lily out to poop and scooped the poop out back! I had to chip the poop out of the snow.

I wanted to let Sandy sleep as she was exhausted from working on Thursday night and then driving us up to Providence and back and spending the day there. She went to bed around 7pm...I don't blame her a bit!

After all that work, I just ran out of steam. Went upstairs and took an hour nap and then watched the "Geno Show" on the tv upstairs...and then it was time for the game. It was the Caroline Doty/Maya Moore Show! Caroline got hurt at the end of the first half and it was deja vu all over again! Hopefully it isn't an ACL...they are now saying a "sprain"....I hope this is true!

Maya Moore broke the UConn record for getting to 1,000 points...she had an unbelieveable performance!

At the end of the game there was almost a tussle between Geno and one of the Syracuse players.
UConn humiliated the Orange who were bragging that they were as good as the Huskies...and that "anyone could guard Maya Moore." Geno kept Maya in the game to humiliate the Orange.
I'm not sure, but she may have outscored the entire Syracuse team.

Jean is here, she's staying with me tonight. I was thinking that I didn't need her to stay when I had all the energy this morning, but I have to agree with Sandy that a good deal of that "energy" was from the drugs they give me...the same one that causes the insomnia..which I had a bit last night. So, Jean will be here to get up with the dogs if they get up in the night.

Oh, I met with the dietician yesterday, who agreed with the nurse at L&M that I should be taking glutamine. Dr. Lachance had told me that the studies were inconclusive about whether or not glutamine helped reduce the risk of getting neuropathy. The nurse (and now the dietician) said that it ABSOLUTELY helps....there is a study that showed that it prevented neuropathy for people taking Taxol...which is one of the drugs I'm getting. So, now I have to mix this powder into my food, three times a day. The dietician said that it can also help with leg pain...which is a good my legs started aching while I was still in the chair at chemo yesterday.

I notice a positive change in my stomach doesn't seem to be as upset as with the previous chemo sessions. I did have bad diarrhea last night, but I took the Imodium and it seems to have cleared it up right away.

Every time I have chemo the dose gets lower. I think I can feel the difference now. My appetite isn't as low as it was the first two times. Of course, it could all kick in tomorrow, who knows?

I'm thinking that my CA 125 is going to stay in the normal range, my chemo sessions will get shorter and shorter and easier and easier. My hair will come back, kind of white and maybe curlier. I found a tiny bald spot in the back..maybe where my head rubs on the pillow? Or maybe, as Sandy says, I'm going to keep on losing some hair and then it will grow back. It is a lot fuzzier on top than it was two weeks ago. My hair does grow we'll see.

I will have the energy to do a lot more things, including going back to work, working out and getting ready for the Spring.

This blog will be filled with mundane crap, like I used to write in my old blog. Readers will complain that it isn't interesting...they will drift away. When I miss a whole week without making an entry, there will be nary a whimper from anyone.

That's what I'm thinking the future will look like...

I'm looking forward to that day! :)


Lynne said...

If you talk about more than just Huskie stuff, I won't abandon you. Uh oh, I think I just heard some people yelling at me!

Jack Ballenger said...

I'm so upset about Caroline Doty tearing her ACL. I was PRAYING it was a sprain too. She was playing balls-to-the-wall yesterday!! Maya stepped up big time and I'm so happy for her performance. Would've loved to have seen it in person. I'm getting psyched for tonight's game!!! We need Kalana & Tiffany to really get going for us.