Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sandy came and got me this AM. Janet came up and sat with me at home so Sandy could run to Stop and Shop for my meds, supplies, etc. Then she ran to Waterford and "shopped for disability supplies" at Jean's...who has lots of leftover goodies from her hip replacement recuperation.

By the time Sandy got back, I was REALLY glad to see her...being with Janet was TORTUOUS! Just kidding...the pain was racheting up...hence my relief to see her come through the door with the prescriptions.

I have eaten more today than I have in a long time. Some great american chop suey from Jean for lunch (two helpings) and a bowl of WONDERFUL chicken/ vegetable soup homemade by Carol.

Sandy got me all set up nicely at home. She had it planned from the beginning. She brought the dogs wih her which helped to get them calmed down by the time we got home. Lily, of course, licked me most of the way home. It felt good, for the most part....the rest of the time it felt intrusive! But, that's my Lily!

Katie called today and all the kids were with her, so I got to hear all their voices. Sweet.

Carol came over in the afternoon to check on us. Good to have people in the house, but it wore me out. Sandy blew up the Aerobed in the den and I laid down as she and Carol said thier goodbyes and I took a little nap. Verdict? The aerobed is more comfy than the hospital bed was! Too bad I can adjust the aerobed head and foot would be the perfect bed.

Good thing Sandy isn't under the influence of drugs....someone has to keep track of what I'm supposed to be taking and when. I would be in a world of hurt without her head right now.

Speaking of being under the influence...I see that my spelling has taken a huge nosedive while taking drugs. I misspelled so many things last night alone! I remember typing creatinine and wondering if it was spelled right. Today I note I spelled it cratinine...I guess my vision was off too.

I'm going to download some pictures...most seem to have the same theme--me with someone else, waving at the camera. Very imaginative.

So, now I'm off to make my first climb up the stairs, get into a warm shower and then into my own sweet bed! I'm betting that I get more than four hours sleep tonight.

It is SO GOOD to be home.


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Yeah, so glad to hear you're home. Nothing like being in your own house, huh. If you & Sandy need any shopping done, errands run,etc., you know where I am baby.