Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last night I had a little break-thru...wasn't feeling well all day. It turned out that it was from Sandy making the suggestion that I cut my pain pills in half...to try to help with the bowel situation. So I did that...which led to a lot of pain, discomfort and fatigue. As soon as I went back to the dose I was supposed to be on I perked up...actually felt a bit of an appetite!

So much for Sandy's diabolical experiments on me!

Of course, she does have a point. I haven't had a BM in almost two weeks now...the longest I've gone in my entire life without crapping! It's a wonder my eyes aren't brown!

It isn't that bad really...I haven't been eating enough to produce much material if you know what I mean. I think if I eat more and still have the problem..then it's serious. I'll discuss it with Dr. LaChance tomorrow. I hope to get my staples removed tomorrow. I took a shower today and Sandy was drying me off, checking my suture line and found a spot that is pussy...THAT MEANS IT HAS PUS...just to make it clear what I'm talking about. Anyway...the sooner they come out the better as far as I'm concerned.

I wish I could take a picture to show you what I look like now. I told Sandy I look like one of those Appalachian women, with the spindly arms and swollen belly. That doesn't even capture the look however. It is so weird looking at myself. But we have that huge mirror in the bathroom, so I can't help but look. With the suture lining running up and up and up.

Mary Anne came last night and brought some fabulous homemade soup with orzo, great chunks of hamburg, tomatoes, mushrooms, all kinds of veggies. She brought my favorite, ciabatta bread to go with it. It was great visiting with her for awhile and then whoosh...she was off to Putnam.

Jean came and spent the night with me last night. Sandy had to work and didn't want to leave me alone to manage the dogs. I slept on the recliner, of course and Jean FINALLY slept in the spare room. I've been wanting her to stay over since we moved in!

Anyway...she was set up there with a gate across the top of the stairs to keep the dogs up with her. They did really good, Bubbie of course, had to come crying at 3:30to go out. She got up again at 5:30...of course. The second time, I came out of the bathroom and I thought they (Jean and dogs) were still downstairs. It was PITCH BLACK! Something told me to flip the bathroom lite on...glad I did...there was a huge stuffed parrot that Bubbie had deposited outside the door to let me know she had been there. So sweet...but so potentially deadly! I kicked the parrot to the curb and went back to my recliner...but it did make me laugh.

Lynne Miner came up for lunch...we had some of Mary Annes soup...delish but I couldn't eat much. Lynne brought "Jewish" soup that she wanted to cook up right then and there, but Jean and I finally got her to see that we have soup coming out of our ears right now! Carol had brought soup, Mary Anne's soup and Jean brought soup...the fridge and freezer are stuffed with wonderful soup. We can't take another spoonful.

Soup is perfect for me though..with the good veggies and nutrition and it's easy to get down...don't have to chew, chew chew.

Lynne and I had a wonderful visit. I showed some pics we took in the hospital...but I can't upload them here for some strange reason. I'll have to try one at a time. I've tried several times, several methods...but still no soap.

I'll keep trying.

Lindsay just canceled out on visiting tonight...she has a scratchy throat and doesn't want to give me anything. That's good, because I don't want to get anything! I've got enough right now, thank you!

Tomorrow morning I get to go out on the town...to L:&M to see my surgeon for follow-up...he comes down there once a month I guess and I was lucky it was this week. I'm hoping he takes the staples...ALL OF THEM...out and gives me a date for starting chemo. I'd like to have at least one round done before Christmas. I don't think that's too much to ask!


coffeekiosk said...

Hey Auntie Ann! Glad to hear that your home! Just got my internet back (been moving) so I'm just catching up on all your blog posts!

Ann Miller said...

Hey Audge...I was wondering where you were...thought you didn't love me anymore! J/K!

Welcome back to the Inter-Nets!

I'm doing SO GREAT tonight!