Friday, November 21, 2008

You know, I learned many years ago to appreciate my own bed. Sleeping in a stupid foxhole in the rain at Stone's Ranch, or Germany or sleeping on top of a pile of duffel bags in the back of a stupid five ton dump truck....or even camping in Nova Scotia for three weeks when the first night we were on our journey we got a pin hole in our air mattress. The rest of the time we spent pumping the mattress up all through the night.

Oh yes, I appreciate sleeping in my own bed. I revel in it in the winter, especially, when the wind is blowing and it's freezing out there...and yet, here I am, snug and warm in my cozy beddy by.

But, I have to admit....the feeling I had last night, of lying in my own bed and being able to stay there the night was the best "I'm-in-my-own-bed-feeling" I've had in a long, long time.

I slept for a few hours at a time. Still had to get up about three-four matter...I was able to go back to my own bed to go to sleep. It was delicious.

I look forward to doing it again tonight!

Last night Jean came to stay over with me. Before dinner, she and Sandy went down to Gorin's and picked out new recliners for the living room. They got identical Lazy Boys, in an almond leather. Jean is now afraid that the color isn't going to go with the living room. It's a neutral color...can't go wrong. Anyway, the recliners get delivered Tuesday and I can't wait to see them. At least now if I have to sleep in the recliner again..I will have my choice of location and it will be leather!

Jean is so good to us....she got up with my dopey dog twice last night in the middle of the night to let her out to pee and her reward? Bubbles peed on the floor upstairs! That little crud!

And this morning she's upstairs in the bedroom whining to get out. So I laboriously climb the stairs to let her out. Then she comes in and wants back into the bedroom. I beg her to stay downstairs...she ignores me, (won't even turn her head to look at me) and whines louder and louder to be let back into the bedroom. So I laboriously climb those damned stairs and let her back in. Then I come and collapse on the recliner and fall asleep. About an hour later, when the whining starts again...I ignore it. She's like a damned two year old!

Robin is feeling under the weather and is staying home tonight. She told me I can download the cd she brought that has the visualization techniques for chemo unto my
new Sony Walkman. I'm getting so much new loot out of this situation!

You know what they say..."When the going gets tough...the tough go shopping." Thank goodness I have my little elves going out there doing the shopping for me.

Now I rest.

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