Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a brief update folks as I am quite tired...yet excited. A busy day, bunch of phone calls and Phil, Renee and Austin dropped in in the early evening.

Sandy and I had a moment of intimacy today we've never had in our 24 years plus of living together...I bent over the sink and she was nice enough to insert a suppository! An hour later....loads of gas and a bonus! Not a lot of bonus material...but it's a start!

I almost got to to go home tonight, but they decided they love me so much, they want me to spend another night! HA! Looks like if my cratanine (sp?) level is good then I'll be traveling to the southwest tomorrow!!! YAY!!

I'm sore, tired and wanting to be home...but I can take another day here. It's all good.

Now I have to grab me some sleep.

Nighty night!
And a special nighty night to Lynne! Let people try to figure THAT one out....I sleep with the little doggy every night, Lynne.


SueBear said...

YOU musta got the industrial strength suppository. LMAO...I can, now...and hoping I can continue to laugh.

Here's a thought...probiotics. Can't hurt, though it probably does not offer quite such an intimate experience. LOL

Be optimistic...shit happens all the time. It will find you!

bakerbeaker said...

Glad you're home Annie, and don't worry about not spelling creatinine correctly. Good God, it took me years to learn to spell that one.