Thursday, November 20, 2008

Every day...things are getting better....

I slept in the recliner again last night...put together longer blocks of hours of sleep. Sandy got up with the dogs at 5:30AM to let them out to pee...when they all went back up to bed, I went with them. I was able to stay in MY OWN BED until 7am! I bet I could have stayed longer, but I was overdue on my pain meds (was supposed to take them at six) and I had left them downstairs.

So, I went downstairs, took the pills and slept in the recliner for a hour or so more. I felt GREAT!

Called Lynne and asked if she and Linda could come later today or wait until Monday. I'll be home alone with the dogs while Sandy takes her car to Toyota to get checked. There's no way I can "wrangle" the Russell's into their kennels if Lynne and Linda (or just about anyone else, for that matter) were to come. About the only person who could handle it would be Janet...and that's only because she doesn't cry and put up a fuss when Bubbles nips her on the ankle! That's not right!

So, Lynne will come on Monday and Linda MIGHT come later when Sandy is home.

I'm feeling kind of grubby...hope I don't get company...I need to take a shower, these huge sweat pants have dog fur all over them and I just look slobbish. I'm sure Linda would never say a word about my appearance...she's so polite (the opposite of me, actually) but still. And if I take a shower before she comes I'm going to want to crawl into my bed and no shower at this time!

Marie has already banged out one of those chemo caps and is about ready to pop it in the mail to me! I told her I saw them advertised for sale at the cancer clinic yesterday and I felt smug, knowing that I had someone HANDMAKING them for me! Such a snob I am!

Huskies play tonight...should be a decent test for them. We need McClaren to get off the stick and produce in the middle...Tina Charles can't do it all. It's great that the season has started up again...a great diversion for me and for many people....for a variety of reasons.

Got an email from my childhood chum, Deb Mercik. Now I have her email...I had been trying to get it for awhile. I'm hoping she can help me set up a get-together of some of our old pals, Betsy, Christine and Paula..I want them to come to see the house and spend some time together. They don't know Sandy either and I'd love for them to get to know her a bit. To know her is to love her. That's the tune I'm whistling today, anyway! You know me!

So, I'm signing off for the day...unless something huge happens...taking a break from the blog. Wish me luck on sleeping in my bed tonight. I'll start out there and see how long I can last. It felt so darned good to be lying there this AM..with the familiar covers pulled up around my chin.....IT'S COLD!

Stay warm everyone!

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