Monday, November 17, 2008

What a disappointment! I can't sleep in my bed. When I lie flat, my chest hurts, I get short of breath and it just gets steadily worse. I got a little panicky last night because of it...woke Sandy up and had her check my lungs, I was afraid I was getting pneumonia...but they were clear...thank goodness.

I went back downstairs and proceded to spend the night on the recliner...which should be no surprise since after my gastric bypass I had to sleep like that at least three nights.

I also managed some Vesuvian type farts, one of them while I was in the recliner! OH, Happy Day! I celebrated big time I'll tell you. It was a pretty good night after all.

This morning Dr. Lachance called me at home to tell me that he was sorry he didn't get to see me over the weekend before I left the hospital! WHAT A GUY! He explained that it's is the ascites (fluid from the tumor) that is starting to build again in my abdomen. They drew it off during surgery...lots of it...but it is coming back and that won't stop until I get the chemo going.

I see him on Wednesday, so hopefully we can get the ball rolling fast. I called Joyce today at Backus and told her I want to go to Backus for the chemo...she will set me up with Dr. Kapur. YAY!

Everything is rolling along now...we're staying on top, if not ahead of it. The ladies from Backus are making soup...Lindsay made me a is good.

Jean will be staying with me tonight. She was going to sleep in the other recliner! Sandy told her, sleep upstairs with the door closed which is what she did last night. We have our cell phones to use if I need her.

The swelling is going down in my feet, calves and thighs...and good thing! They were like sausages stuffed into my once roomy sweat pants. Sandy got me some 2x stretchy pants to wear around the house...actually I'll probably have to wear them to med appointments too! YUCK! I have an old Patriots xlarge sweatshirt I can swim in up top...but it will be tight around the tummy I'm sure. I'm really looking like a know they wobble, but they don't fall down. And that's a good thing.

Okay, I nap now. Nap and agenda for the day.

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