Saturday, November 22, 2008

Had a pretty decent nights's sleep in my own bed again last night. This morning I was even able to lower the pillows a bit so I wasn't sitting up so much in the bed. I could do this and not have problems breathing...that's a good thing!

Maria, Karin and Cathy and I don't know who else are coming Massachusetts this afternoon for a visit. Karin and Cathy haven't seen the house yet, so Marieps can give them the five cent tour. Haven't seen Maria since Columbus Day weekend when she stayed over, so it will be good to see her!

Caught up on phone calls this AM...talked to Bob Miller, who is doing well. He was a little confused about what exactly was wrong with me. I told him, "It's my ovary." He said, "ulcers! I never knew you to have ulcers!" Which made me laugh so hard I hurt my suture line! So, I cleared that up with him. I wish to GOD I had ulcers! I'd take that anyday. It was my father's way of wishing me well.

Talked to MAFO on the phone, emailed with Birgitta, who is in Sweden, worried about me having to go through chemo; and catching up on my email.

Now I eat my lunch, take a shower and prepare myself for the arrival of THE HORDE from Massachusetts!

Huskies play today at 1pm...maybe I'll get to see the whole game before the goils get here.

CONGRATS to Hartford for beating Duke last night! Could we have another possible NCAA championship team in this state??? With Ratso Rizzo...anything is possible!!

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