Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, quiet Sunday

Well..I survived the gang coming to see me yesterday. First Jean showed up, in case I needed help getting the pups under control when Maria and Co. arrived. Sandy had taken the two Russells with her grocery shopping so that wasn't a concern.

Maria, Karin and Cathy come in, bearing gifts of lovely soaps, chocolate truffles, books, books on tape and a great Red Sox Santa Hat Maria got for me. I modeled the hat, exclaimed over the books, sniffed the soaps and even ate a truffle! Delish!

We had a great time chatting. The girls had never seen the house and it was funny listening to Maria give the tour through the place. They were up in the closet for so long I started to get suspicious! I thought they were pawing through my "dainties" but Maria assures me they were admiring our Cold Water Creek clothing selection. I'll have to trust her I guess.

While they were here the door bell rings and in walks Charmine and Miss Pat...who were heading to shop at Lisbon Landing and wanted to drop in. Charmine brought the coffee she picked up for me at Trader Joe's (decaff Italian....yum!) and she brought me some great ginger chews...I love ginger and I hadn't even thought of it...I'm putting that in my "chemo bag" in case of nausea. Ginger works wonders for me.

Charmine also brought me one of those beautiful Jockey blankets that she used to sell. It is so soft and comforting...that's going into my chemo bag too. I'll bundle up with that while I get my treatments. WONDERFUL!

Honest to Pete, it felt like Christmas yesterday!

After everyone left I went up and took a shower. I was able to do more to take care of myself...still need Sandy to dry my legs and feet and then she puts lotion all over feels so darned good! I got into my jammies....I'm starting to fit into smaller clothing again...and went downstairs.

Jean had made a wonderful meal of hamburg, mashed potatoes (my fav) with gravy and I finished off the last of my winter squash. I had a glass of V8 to go with all of that was a very well-balanced, nutitrious meal.

After supper I watched some taped episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta...I watch that show in horrified's like watching a train wreck...and then I crashed! I went up to bed and got in there at around 9pm!

I slept really, really good...until the hours between 3-5 which are restless ones for me for some didn't matter, I would wake up, take a sip of drink for my parched mouth and then would have no trouble going back to sleep.

The doggies stayed with me in the bed. I thought that if they were in with Jean, they would get up every time I went to the bathroom...which I do frequently throughout the night. I was right...with me, they just snuggle deeper into the covers when I get up and grumble a bit when I get back in...but they don't get up.

They stayed in bed until 6am and then I told Jean..."let me let them out...see how it goes." It went well..I was able to get downstairs, let them out, and let them back in. Jean got up because that's when she does get up she stayed downstairs and I went back to bed. The doggies joined me in few minutes and we slept until Sandy came home to feed them.

Monday night I will be here on my own. No Jean...No Sandy. I think I will be just fine. Last night showed me I can do it....actually I was pretty sure I could do showed Jean and Sandy I can do it. That's who I have to convince, after all!

Today I'm taking it easy...going to watch the Patriots (hopefully kicking Miami's ass) and then the Huskies are playign USF on ESPN a day of football and peace and quiet.

Yesterday Cathy brought me books on tape...Amy Sedaris...who is hysterical...I loved her on "Strangers with Candy"...I didn't know that she had written a book...can't wait to hear it. The other thing is...I didn't realize that she and David Sedaris are related! Here I am, reading David Sedaris while I'm perched on the throne...spending long leisurely minutes in the bathroom...laughing as I poop. David Sedaris is so hysterically funny and it really was something to find out that Amy is his sister. Sure, he mentioned his sisters and their names, but I never made the connection. Do yourselves a favor and pick up something by David...anything. You will love it. Right now I'm reading, "When You're Engulfed in Flames."

Mark just called..thought Sandy was going to be working in the yard today and wanted to come over and help. What a sweetheart! He's going to go all "chainsaw massacre" in our backyard and cut down those stupid cedar trees that are in all the wrong places. But, Sandy is sleeping so it will have to wait for another day. We are so lucky to have neighbors like Mark and Carol...and they have introduced us to other folks in the neighborhood...nice group of people.

Okay..that's enough for now...think I'll go read another chapter in the book as I try my luck on the throne.


Didnt' the Huskies make URI look like a high shcool team yesterday? It was a thing of beauty and difficult to watch all at the same time.

Good bye Moses Margolick, God rest your soul.

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