Saturday, January 3, 2009

So I watched the UConn Husky football game and recorded the women's basketball game. We watched that one when Sandy woke up.

The shits continue...Sandy got me Immodium and I just took the second dose. Here's hoping it works.

The lung thing is staying the same...I told Sandy maybe it's an upper respiratory thing...she said that is ANOTHER potential side effect of the experimental it's official as far as I'm concerned...I swear I'm getting the Avastin.

Lynne told me I didn't explain this experimental drug thing very good in the blog. it is as I understand it. I'm participating in a clinical trial of Avastin. It is a double-blind study....which means that the computer picks who gets the drug and who gets a placebo. The computer controls everything and is the ONLY entity that knows if I'm getting it or not. Even the nurses who give me the treatments don't know if I'm getting it or not...I checked the SAYS Avastin on it...but it could be the placebo.

At the end of my eight treatments, the computer makes a second decision. Either I continue to get Avastin for another 12 months (I think it's 12 months) a once a month dose...or I get a placebo for 12 months. I won't know which I'm getting then either.

BUT, so far it looks good that I'm getting the Avastin. Which is good for me...because it really increases my chances of getting rid of this crap quickly!

I know I'm going to get rid of it...but it would be nice if it went QUICKLY! I think you would agree.

For all of you yokels who are worried about "the lung thing"...I have NOTHING concrete to tell any medical professional at this time that wouldn't sound like mere whining (or paranoia). I know I got into deep doo-doo the last time..but that's because I let myself struggle to breathe for two and a half days before I did anything. Trust me...first time I have shortness of ass is in the car en route to the hospital...and this time we're going right to Rhode taking the damned ambulance for me!

So, chill Maggie and Lynne and Maria..and Katie and all the other loved ones who are worried. I think I just have a normal reaction to the medication...and that's a GOOD THING!

I may be old...but I'm not stupid. I won't make that mistake again.

Nighty night...I'm pooped!

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