Sunday, January 4, 2009


Quiet day. Sandy took the dogs to her Mom's to run around, while Sandy taught Jean how to use her new laptop that we got her for Christmas. I stayed home and put away the Santa collection we have. Then I got tired, went back to bed and just laid there, watching a great show about Marines being taught survival skills.

Linda Blake called from Florida and we had a nice chat. They are hoping to get out on the water soon, are waiting to have a new enclosure installed on the boat.

Sandy made me leftover turkey, gravy and stuffing from Thanksgiving, along with a sweet potato. I ate just about the whole thing! For dessert, snickerdoodles that Jean sent up. She spoils me so!

After dinner Sandy finished putting away all the decorations and the tree. She just has to take down the outside lights.

Then we played nine holes of the new Tiger Woods video game Sandy got me for Christmas. I was Jon Daly and she was Tiger...we played even.

That effort got me a little tired...shows you how much I have to go when I get back on my feet!

So that brings me to here...where I'm typing away and then I will shut this thing down and go up to bed. I might see if Sandy wants to watch that show I recorded up there about the Scandinavian coastline...I want her to see some of the places I saw when I went to Sweden.

Tomorrow I call the doctor about the runs and the lung.

Nighty night!

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