Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Remember when I wrote that Sandy knows all the side effects of the Avastin...the clinical trial drug that I may or may not be getting? I asked her not to tell me any of the side effects, so I wouldn't "fool" myself into thinking that I was getting the drug.

Well...she did tell me one side effect...the risk that my wound site could "de-hiss"...start leaking fluids and blood. I didn't think that would happen as it has healed very well...and Dr. Lachance really checked it good before approving me to start the trial. But the other night I started having pains along my wound site...and it persisted over a couple of days, on and off...which made Sandy wonder if I did get the Avastin last Friday when I went for my treatment.

Someone else let it slip that fatigue is a side effect of Avastin. Well...the first night after my treatment I had that made me think that I didn't get the drug. Now I can't be sure with this side effect...I am tired but the other drugs make you tired too!

Well...last night I had multiple bowel movements...I know, I had promised not to discuss this again. I had made the decision yesterday to stop taking the Miralax...which Dr. Lachance prescribed for the constipation. I had a couple of BMs the day before and I just wanted to see if I could stop taking the stuff. I don't want to get dependent on it. So...last night, just as Sandy was leaving for work...I was back in the bathroom. At 4:45 I was back in there again...and at was another bout...this time diarrhea..something I haven't had in a couple of months!

It really wiped me out and I collapsed back in bed this AM....Sandy brought up my protein shake and the paper when she came up to be after 9AM. She told me that she thinks I'm getting the Avastin as diarrhea is one of the side effects! Well...maybe.

So, I go from not too much pooping! I ate a banana this AM and I'll try tea next. I'm drinking my G2...the reduced sugar Gatorade...that's a lifesaver! If it doesn't stop soon, I'll call the doctor's office and find out what I can take!

Those damned bowels....the most important body parts we own!

On a lighter note, I did enjoy Kathy Griffin last night. When she asked if Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN's Medical consultant) could come down and do a pap smear on her..I thought Anderson Cooper was going to fall off the podium! I kept the tv on until a little after midnight and then turned the lights out. I did get to talk with Sandy a little after that was nice.

She works one more night...Friday..and then she's off for a week! YAY!! I hope she gets to go hiking with her doggies...but Truman has been limping lately, so we'll see...he seems to limp went it's "convenient" and his Mommy picks him up and fusses over him..other times he seems to have no problem tearing after squirrels in the back a wild man!

I'm going back on the toidy and then I'm going to nap in my recliner...the good life!

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