Monday, December 29, 2008


Carol and Mark came over last night for supper and then we played with the Wii Rock Band. It was so much fun! I just did the I wouldn't get too tired out. Carol and Mark took turns making fools of themselves on the drums and guitar...but by the end they were getting the hang of it. We all agree that we have to get another guitar so we can have both guitar AND bass going for each song...and to allow four people to play at once.

I'm eating my lunch of pickled herring on rye crisps...I had bought a big tub of herring to bring to Phil's for Christmas and forgot it at I have to get rid of all this herring! I had also bought a smaller jar of herring in sour cream...I have that to get rid of too...and I don't know anyone besides Steve who eats it!

Frank is coming up here to help Sandy work on fixing the awning..again. It collapsed under the weight of the snow. I'm driving down to their house while he's here, to hook up Jean's new laptop we got her for Christmas...and to hook up the wireless connections. Jean is anxious to start using her laptop. If I get too tired, she'll drive me home and ride back with Frank...nice plan, eh?

I do get tired, but it is a lot less than I did with the first round of legs are aching too..but not too bad.

Poor Sandy, she has to do everything now. She's vacuuming the house, then will put the laundry away and do other chores. I did the laundry..I just can't lug the baskets...and besides she likes everything a "certain way"...those of you who know her know what I mean!

When I feel better I do try to help out around the house. I don't want her to get burned out. She works so hard and is so good to me.

Watched the Patriots beat the Bills, and it stinks that they didn't make the play-offs. Oh well..everyone better watch out next year! Spoken like a true Sox fan!

I recorded the Husky game and watched it this AM...lying in bed, resting up for my big trip to Waterford. The Huskies need to come home and be in their own environment for awhile...they played "okay" but weren't as dominant as they should have been.

I was going to go to that South Carolina game...last year when they set the date for the game I had plans to go to SC and see the game with my old Army pal, Debbie Besst, who lives down in Columbia. It would have been great to see her again after all these years...oh well...maybe I'll still get down there sometime soon.

Well...I better get my ass in gear to head south...gotta job to do...let's see how this goes...if I can drive down the job and drive myself will be a red letter day!

Sandy and I go to the UConn game on Wednesday...thanks to Marie and Don, who gave us their tickets. We get to see Jen Rizzotti's UHa team...Sandy has never seen this Husky team in person and she's very happy to be going. She loves Maya Moore. What's not to love about Maya??

Gotta go...catch you later!


Marieps said...

You're being very ambitious to drive to Jean's! Now if you could only help Sandy with the house work...........hee, hee!

Good to know that you're not as knocked out this time around.

Ann Miller said...

Oh...I not only drove to Jean's...on the way home I went shopping for jeans at Kohl's! I got two pairs of Levi's size 12!!! And a pair of corduroys...for the cold weather.

Then I came home and went to bed for made me sick.

Lynne said...

Herring --yuck. No wonder you feel ill sometimes. Now how about some nice chicken soup?