Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maria posted a "Things I'll Remember about 2008" entry in her blog...very interesting. So interesting I'm going to steal it from her....some of our entries might be the same. Maria did particular order:

Our annual "Camp Husky" trip....Maria coming with again this year. Happy that Sandy stayed Maria and I get to spend time together. Going shopping at Reny's with Anne Marie and hitting the sale! Singing "Earl" at the karaoke place.

The Pats losing in the Super Bowl...after having had an undefeated season.

Going to the Celtics game with Sandy, Frank, Ryan and Maria...seeing the Celts at home for the first time ever! (and only the second time in my life)...and they won!

Going shopping at Cabelas with the gift certificate we got from Roxie (I believe)...and finding the great buy on winter boots and a wonderful winter coat!

Eagle watching in January and February on the CT River...spotting all those immature eagles. Staying warm despite the sleet, etc...dressed in the aforementioned winter boots and coat!

Watching the Celts win the championship for the first time in ages...18 years I think. Ray Allen is my sweetheart!

Mel Thomas and Kalana Green going down with the dreaded ACL injuries...and ending the Husky's hopes for a national championship.

Having to watch Tennessee win another championship.

Having an article I wrote named "Exhibit A" in Pat Summit's decision to not play the Huskies during the regular season. That was weird...and so wrong! My short-lived moment in the spotlight in the world of women's hoops.

Our surprise decision to sell the Sunrise Street house and buy this one! We were SO LUCKY on both transactions...I credit lots of painting in Norwich and good staging! The added bonus of becoming friends with Barb and Mary as a result of the move.

Being the President of SNEAK, our agility club for the year. Also being the Trial Chairperson for the very successful trial we held in April! So much fun working with my fellow club members, getting to know some of them better through the process.

The move to the new house...Spring in the new gorgeous! Can't wait to see it again and again....

The BMW Drive 4th of July "tractor parade" and the picnic that followed at John and Mary's house.

Meeting our new neighbors, Joanne and Mike, Cliff and Cathy, the triplets, etc.

The Red Sox glorious season...watching Lester pitch a perfect game.

Manny departing for the West Coast...just in the nick of time.

The Swedes coming to visit...the trip to New York, the trip to Boston...wishing we could have done more. All the shoes they bought!

The family reunion at our house, being able to introduce Birgitta to her family in the U.S.

The trip to NYC with Taylor, Jean and Sandy.

The trips to New Haven with she embarked on her journey towards weight loss surgery. The trips to Ikea and to Frank Pepe's pizza...I can't wait to go back!

Feeding and watering the new tree we planted in the front yard, to replace the one we had cut down.

My new closet!

All the laughs I got from listening to Howard. Arte's "melt downs" with Sal and with High Pitched Mike. Arte's drug and alcohol addiction revelations. Howard's marriage to Beth O.

Sandy and Truman's quest to earn their NATCH....National Agility Champion title...they only needed one more qualifying run. They didn't make it...not yet! This year will do the trick.

Working in the yard, getting things ready for winter. Powerwashing the fence...took me two days!

The one time Sandy let me drive the John Deere tractor. Well...the one time that she KNOWS ABOUT!!!

Being invited to..and attending, the "Mussell Party" at Joanne's house...I'm truly part of the neighborhood now. Remind me that I have those mussells in the freezer when you come over..they are great hors d'oevres.

Rooting first for Hillary...hoping to see our first woman President...and then switching my support to Obama at her request. I'm now convinced that this was the best thing for America at this time.

Getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer and all the resulting hoopla. The nurses at the hospital..particularly Marcia and Brandi. Dr. Lachance. Dr. Stuckey with her "saving needle." Sandy's steadfast support and tenderness. Jean's immediate and overwhelming assistance. The outpouring of support and well-wishes from my family and friends. Who knew that so many people cared about my well-being?

The hats that Marie and Linda made for me...they are coming in handy now!

Losing my hair and finding out that my head is not as flat as Bern told me it was!

Our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in the new house.

Being with my family on Christmas Eve. Playing Rock Band with Taylor and Ryan on Christmas Day.

Looking forward to an equally wonderful NEW YEAR!!!

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SueBear said...

I used lots of yogurt and bananas when I had my go-round-n-round-n-round with the diarrhea issue. Probiotics are WONDERFUL!!! I highly recommend them regardless of which extreme end of the spectrum you are experiencing. LOL...though it's not so funny when you get right down to it.

Went shopping today at the Sally Store...SIZE 12's...oh yeah! TRES KEWL!