Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big day tomorrow...we go to get my bloodwork done and then we're off to Hartford for the Husky UHart game...thanks to Marie and Don, who gave us their tickets.

Today I dragged most of the day...feeling "low grade ill"...probably from overdoing it yesterday. I dozed a bit in the recliner, which helped...but went up for a nap as soon as Sandy got up. I stayed up there dozing on and off for about two hours.

Sandy made steak tonight, "to feed my blood"...which is funny because last night I was thinking I should have steak. It was good, but I fill up fast...and then I went back later and finished it!

We're watching "Mama Mia" which I got for Christmas. I love the music of course...and am singing along with every song...and Sandy isn't even complaining...as she usually does when I sing along.

Tomorrow night is Bubbles birthday...she will be seven! I hope I can stay up long enough to watch Cathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN...and wish Bubbie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Nighty night! Wish me strength to make it through the busy day tomorrow. THANKS!

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