Friday, January 2, 2009

Sandy canceled out Janet and the kids coming yesterday...she didn't want me to get too rundown...and I had to agree. I took a three hour nap!

Today was a nothing kind of day. I called the doctor's office, as get advice from the nurse about what to do with the diarrhea...which continues. I called at 9:30 this morning and again at 1:30...never got an answer. Sandy is disappointed in them.

I think this is just about run its course. I'm not worrying about it unless it gets worse.

I'm also feeling something weird in my left lung...the one that filled with fluid before. I don't know what it is, but the cough is back. I'll see Dr. Lachance next we'll find out then.

I'm going to bed early tonight...poor Sandy is exhausted. She's been doing it all, housework, laundry, shopping. Tonight is her last night of working and then she's on vacation for a week. I was hoping she would get up early to watch the Husky game with me...she said she can't do it. So I invited Deanna and Lorraine to come watch it with me (they'd have to travel halfway across the state)...after they said yes...Sandy asks me to not have anyone over.

She's tired and wants to sleep in peace. I don't blame her. I feel selfish...after all she's been doing for me. She's also very worried about me being around other people...she's afraid that I will get an infection, get septic and die. I understand. I have to be very careful during this period after chemo.

So, maybe I'll record the game and she and I can watch it together when she gets up. I like that idea.

Nighty night!

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moomag said...

If you are feeling something weird in the same lung, maybe you should consider going to the ER instead of waiting til Wednesday.