Sunday, January 11, 2009


I see that in my entry last night I failed to note that I had been drinking! I did have one drink...a sombrero...(how old fashioned) after dinner. It was VERY I only had one. I had to be able to get up on the stage and sing after all. But after I made my blog entry I climbed into bed and drank one of those little Bailey's "nip bottles" that Phil and Renee had put in my Christmas basket....and I drank half of it in the dark....while Maria slept. I think I may becoming an alcoholic!

We'll worry about that later...for now we are enjoying the "Winter Wonderland" outside our hotel room. The guy just came to plow and it started snowing again. It looks like there is about six inches of snow out there, maybe less.

I put "Mustafa" in the snow drift outside our room and took his picture. I a voice yell from the second floor balcony, "What are you doing to that little gnome??" It was Anne-Marie, who just happened to come out on her balcony and spotted his little blue head in the snow! Very funny!

We are rousting ourselves out of bed. Have to meet the gang at 9 to head for breakfast. Charmine's car should be able to handle the snow drift in the parking lot. I am having a protein shake before I start the day off right.

I'm in that phase now, after chemo...where my appetite comes back...big time. Sandy says I have to eat a lot and pack on the pounds, because after the chemo they come off again, big time. So...yesterday I ate just about all day and will do so again today. I just hope my new pants aren't too tight for the ride home!

I think we are going to be watching the "Geno Roast" when we get back and then we will be hitting the road to home. It's been so much fun and already I'm looking forward to coming back next year!

I'm going to post my pictures from this trip on my Facebook you'll have to join Facebook and become my friend to check them out!

Enjoy the snow!

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SueBear said...

Oddly enough, I've never known an alcoholic who, reviewing their behavior, ever had the slightest inkling that they might be 'becoming an alcoholic.' I wouldn't worry myself too much about that nip if I were you.