Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home again, home again

Well, we made it home, safe and sound. It snowed from midnight on last night and we got about six inches of snow in Maine. Charmine got up and cleaned off the car....brave soul that she is.

We went to Bessies again for breakfast, but I couldn't eat that much...I had made a protein shake in the hotel room before we went for breakfast! That was a mistake I guess.

After breakfast, we just packed up our stuff and headed home. The roads were pretty clear and once we hit the Massachusetts line, they were bare. We dropped Maria off at home and then headed to CT. We got home around 2pm...Sandy made me a cup of hamburger soup and then I went up and rested.

It was a great, great weekend. I had a wonderful time...and it was so great to go away and do something that wasn't associated with going to the hospital or the doctor's office! YAY!!! Normal life...that's what it is...and I love it!

Jack surprised me last night by telling me that he had purchased a ticket for me for the Notre Dame game next month! I was shocked...I had told them that I wasn't going to get a ticket because I'm not sure about the timing of it, considering my chemo sessions. When I told Sandy about it, she said that the timing should be perfect...I should be in a "good week" when I am bouncing back from the chemo effects...just as I was this weekend. Anne-Marie said she would swing by and pick me up so I don't have to drive to it's all set! I'm going to the Notre Dame game with the whole gang! We're going to go out to eat too!

There was another mouse episode last night while I was away...Bubbles ended up catching it sometime after midnight...Sandy said she had a tough time falling back to sleep after all the excitement. We MUST figure out where they are coming in...we know it's that coat closet on the first floor, but we have to figure out how they get to the closet!

Sandy set the traps so between the traps, Murphy and Bubbles the mice don't live long...but they might roam a bit before their demise...particularly if Murph insists on bringing them upstairs to us! I told Sandy that if I hear him make that sound again, I'm putting the light on IMMEDIATELY!! She thinks that's a good idea.

Well...I'm pooped from all my excitement.

Nighty night!

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