Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday AND Wednesday

I had a great time in Putnam, had lunch with Maureen, Russ, Richard, Holly, Keith, Sue and Lars. It was wonderful being back there with those folks...I miss them so.

When I got home I took a little nap...and then it was time for Scott to arrive.

I ran down and got pizza and antipasto for supper for the two of us. Scott was already at the house when I got back. We ate supper and then watched the Husky game, although truth be told, we yakked more than watched the game! He and I hadn't seen each other in ages.

I was very touched, Scott got me a very generous gift certificate to the Norwich Inn and Spa. I have always wanted to go there...and now I will get the chance to!

Sandy took our picture before Scott left, to add to the collection we have of "Scott and Ann kissing"...we have a series of those shots, taken over the years...and in most, if not all, I'm a BIG WOMAN...this time I'm a little woman...a little bald-headed woman.

Last night I had the hardest time sleeping. Bubbles was all over the bed, mostly in my way, making me very hot under the covers. We didn't have the window open, I told Sandy it was going to get too cold. Well, at 3:30 in the morning Bub wanted to go out...I got up with her, went downstairs and she decided she wanted to lie in Lily's bed with Murphy, who has taken to sleeping in that huge bed. I had to force Bub to go outside.

She went out, finally, and peed and then she starts sniffing around...for so long that I had to go outside and holler at her to go poop or come into the house. She finally pooped.

When I got back up I told Sandy I couldn't sleep because I was hot and I opened the window...and went back to bed.

Sometime later, TRUMAN wanted to go out. When Sandy got up she told me she was "roasting" and she wanted to put the FAN in the window...I got up and checked the temp in the was 59 (we turn the heat off upstairs at night)...which was a bit warmer than I said okay to the fan. She put the fan in the cooled off, I pulled all the covers over me (usually I flip the thick comforter off of me and sleep with just the sheet and the down blanket)...and went to sleep.

When we woke up it was VERY COLD in the bedroom...Sandy got up to let the dogs out and announced that it was 38 degrees! I told her she could take the fan out of the window, close it and turn the heat on! I stayed in bed until the temp came up to a much balmier 62 degrees.

Jessica came up at 9:30 and we headed off to Providence. We went to the Blackstone lab to have my bloodwork done....they did the next CA 125 test today, so I'll have my latest results on Friday when I go for my chemo. They also set me up with a BIG jug so I can collect 24 hours worth of urine for some tests they want to run. They didn't have a "hat" for the toilet so they told me to go to the main lab to get one.

We then headed over to the hospital to go to the CT scan area to collect the horrible drink that I have to consume next week prior to my CT scan. They got me all the things I will need and then we went upstairs to see Marcia and the gang.

Marcia got me two "hats" for the toilet, one for upstairs and one for downstairs...she is so smart...I didn't even think of asking for two of them! It was great seeing Marcia...who was so happy to hear about my CA 125 level...she couldn't believe it. She took me to meet the head nurse, then we chatted with Janet who was working. The two of them couldn't get over how much weight I had lost, they both "knew me" as a much bigger woman...which I was when I was in the hospital...about 60lbs bigger! They admired how I look in my skinny jeans.

Then we went to the dog food place where we get the special food for the Russells. The boxer that hangs out there growled at me...something she hasn't done before...we figured it out that she didn't like my hat...when I took the hat off she was fine.

On the way home we stopped at the Middle of Nowhere Diner in Exeter...we have been wanting to stop there for a long time. I had the fish and chips, which looked greasy...but it really wasn't. I focused on the fish part of the meal. Sandy had a hamburg which she said was good. Jess enjoyed her meal too. I think we'll go back there again...they give you a LOT of food and it's reasonably priced.

Tonight it is window open, no fan tonight! I don't care if Bubbles roasts me slowly all night...I'll find a way to cope.

Tomorrow I will just stay home...and pee into the big jug. It's one of the prices I have to pay to be in the clinical study.

Friday I go back for my third chemo session. I'm going to have an entourage...Lynne, Sandy and Jean will be coming with. Jean and Sandy are going to hang out in the waiting room with their laptops...Sandy will be tutoring Jean on how to use her laptop...Lynne will be keeping me company...watching me sleep, meeting the other women who parade through the room with me...and snacking on all the treats they have there for patients and family members.

Sunday I have to go out to chair the SNEAK BOD and club will be the first time I've gone out so soon after chemo...I'm hoping I have the energy to do it all. I may fall asleep in the middle of the meeting, but maybe no one will notice.

Nighty night and STAY WARM...make sure your pets are indoors!

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