Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm heading up to Putnam this morning, going to have lunch with the gang at Dempsey.

Haven't been up there in ages...probably since September. Maureen and Russ will be there, at least...and I'll roam around for awhile, visiting.

Tonight Scott and Diana (I think) are coming over for supper (we'll order pizza to keep it simple) and to watch the Huskies play Cincinnati. This will be the first time either one of them has been to the house, so I'll have to straighten up when I get back from Putnam. I'm sure they will want the tour!

It is so damned cold and this isn't even the worst of it! Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the teens...and Friday it will be even worse! It figures...the two days I have to go to Providence it should be the coldest days.

Yesterday I went with Sandy to the vets...I stayed in the car while she shuttled the three of them in and out of the office. Lily and Bub were just going to have their nails trimmed...but Truman had to have his eye and his leg checked.

It turns out he has conjunctivitis AND he has injured one of his front legs...his shoulder most likely, which is exactly what we suspected. He's on meds for both and hopefully all will clear up before agility season starts in March.

After we left the vets we headed to the Ninety Nine Restaurant for a cup of chowder and a Cesar Salad...that is a very tasty, cheap and filling meal! We couldn't finish our salads.

Then we headed home. We used the new Garmin Nuvi I got for Sandy for Christmas...it took us PAST the restaurant...good thing I spotted the restaurant and we were able to swing around...it would have had us heading on a wild goose chase down Long Hill Road! There are still glitches in these systems...just as there are glitches in MapQuest directions at times.

I want to welcome Carol to this blog. I don't know Carol, but she is the girlfriend of Jimmy Donovan, who I knew in my youth. He and Steve are good pals. Jim is fighting his own battle with cancer and is doing well. Carol and Jim live in Tennessee...but we won't hold that against them! Even if they are Lady Vol fans...we will be nice!

I also want to say hi to Darlene, who is married to my cousin, JP. John was just named chairman of the Day Kimball Hospital Board...a very important position in the community. He is just the man for the job...and with Darlene standing beside him...he has NEVER gone wrong! The two of them are just what the Day Kimball community needs!

Okay, now that I have spent that bandwidth talking about other people...it's time to get back to me...and me has to get me ready to head up to Putnam for my big adventure of the day.



Martine said...

Yo Annie, give a little wave to my Mom & Dad as you pass by St.Mary's Cemetary. I always do as I enter Putnam(the new Antique Meca of New England)on my way to visit my Sis and my Big Bro!! I broused around downtown a couple of summer's ago and it took me 2hrs. to get through the old Bugbee's....LOL Most of the stuff in there, I grew up with as a kid....eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!

Have a great time....who's say's ya can't go home again!!(at least for a visit)LOL

Martine said...

Sorry Annie.....I'm a little slow...lol I posted the comment "after the fact"....hope you had a good time!!!!

In my thoughts,