Thursday, January 15, 2009

No chemo?

Got a call today from Ann-Marie, the nurse at the Oncology clinic...she told me my white cell count is too low for me to have chemo tomorrow. She suggested I go to Backus real early tomorrow and have the bloodwork repeated, but I told her I have to come up to Providence tomorrow anyway to return the urine jug (with urine deposit) that they gave me to fill yesterday.

She said I can have the bloodwork repeated there and they will read it right away to see if my level has gone up enough for me to have my chemo tomorrow as planned. I'm not holding my breath on this...although my level wasn't THAT far off...I think it was 1050 and they want it to be 1500.

Sandy says that it is common for the white cell count to be's actually a sign that the chemo is working...(I edited this comment in because Cindy Vasko emailed after she read the above-concerned about my blood count). I have to remember to note when things may be positive when they APPEAR to be negative!

I'm not too concerned about happens.

So, we'll see what happens. In a way I want to get it over with tomorrow...because if I have to wait a week, it throws off my whole schedule and maybe things I THOUGHT I would be able to do (like go to the Husky game) I might not be able to do. I would also like to have any trips to Providence in bel0w zero windchill weather to be as PRODUCTIVE as they can be. It would be pretty much a waste if all I get done tomorrow is deliver that pee bottle!

Oh well...may that be the worst thing that happens to me, right??

It is so cold! No windows open last night and the temp in the room went to 52 degrees...which is okay.

I got up and made myself french toast and bacon...this is the week when I eat like a pig! I had my leftover pizza for lunch and Sandy made chicken, the smiley potatoes and string beans for supper.

Christmas Eve Virginia had told Sandy about the "smiley potatoes" and she picked some up for me, for something different. We both liked them so I suggested we polish off the rest of the bag tonight.
They are made by OreIda and they look like smiley faces (they do make me smile when I look at them)....on the outside they are crispy like a french fry...on the inside they are soft, almost like mashed potatoes. They are a fun food!

Sandy and I are cursed with the desire to watch "The Real Housewives" series. Now we are watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Last night's episode got me so upset that I wrote a response to one of the women's on-line blogs...something I've never done before! I can't believe how horrible these women are! I know sometimes when a bunch of us are out we get to talking about someone from the group who isn't there and we can be a bit "catty"...but these women are downright CRUEL! They have all this money and material things and are morally bankrupt. I'd rather be poor than be like them.

Will that keep us from watching next time? nope! Can't wait until the next episode.

I'm going to sign off and watch UConn play St. John''s not looking good for the boys in blue right now....they need my undivided attention.

Nighty night....stay warm....and wish me luck tomorrow...I guess.

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Marieps said...

Whaddya mean "this week" is the week I eat like a pig??? Didn't you do that last week too? LOL!
And thank you Cindy for making Ann explain better about the WBC.