Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ogunquit...Day 1

We went to "Bessies" for breakfast. I brought my new UConn gnome and told folks that we had to come up with a name for him. I had the thought that whatever our waiter's name was is what we would name him. Anne-Marie said we better hope that our waiter's name wasn't Sally! We all laughed.

Well..we did have a waiter and he started out being kind of snipppy with we knew he was a character. We asked him what his name was and he got all suspicious...but he told us it was "Mustafa"...later I told him why we were asking and he got all excited! He told us that Mustafa means "the Chosen One"...which we thought was appropriate. We got a picture of him holding the gnome...he was so pleased.

After breakfast we maintained tradition by immediately heading to Renny's to shop. We got some great bargains and all gathered at the checkout at the same time. It was Charmine (driving); Maria; Anne-Marie, her daughter Kellie (who is JUST LIKE Anne-Marie) and me. As we were going out...Kellie noticed that one of the cashiers names was Sallee! So, we took her picture with the gnome...holding it up by her nametag. Can you believe it? She said her yard was full of gnomes.

We took his picture in all kinds of places this weekend, in the Renny's cart; in a lobster trap; at the restaurant; etc. It was fun...and he's keeping the name Mustafa.

After shopping we went to Perkins Cove to eat. We had chowder and I order fish and chips...pretty good meal.

Then we came back to the hotel, got into our bathing suits and bathrobes and went into the Roman Spa. Maria and I hiked across the snow to the outside hot tub....when we got out of that I was shocked when I toweled myself off...there were ice cubes on my towel! And when I put my bathrobe back cubes in that too!

We took a nap for a couple of hours and then it was off to Maxwell's for dinner and karaoke. We video taped the performances this year. Anne-Marie's daughter Kellie is a "ringer"...she was FANTASTIC! The karaoke guy told her she should be singing professionally and should try out for American Idol..which it turns out that she already did...and was rejected. What a voice!

I sang "Goodbye Earl" (badly) and Anne-Marie and Maria did a good job backing me up. Charmine, Maria, Anne-Marie and I also sang "Sweet Caroline," we had a great time.

We left around 11 and now Maria is asleep....and I'm writing this. Have to get to bed. We meet tomorrow at 9am for breakfast again...and it should be snowing then. It hasn't started yet. We were a bit concerned about driving home tomorrow...but it sounds like the snow isn't going to be as bad as they first thought. Charmine has four wheeled drive, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just have to watch out for the other drivers!

Time for some shut eye...nighty night!

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