Sunday, May 3, 2009

National Agility Championship Title!!

Sandy and Truman did it today! They got a Q in Chances....the one event they needed to earn the championship title. They did it with Sandy giving hand signals to Truman, because her voice is completely gone. She had to save her voice to be able to give him the one voice command she needed to give "get out" to push him to the obstacle that started the "chance" section of the course.

This is HUGE! The two of them have been working for years to get this title and now after all those classes, all of those trips to NY, VT, NH, MA and CT to agility trials, all of the times they came so close; got hurt and had to take a break; suffered through the rain, heat, wind, etc. THEY DID IT!!!

Bubbles also did well. She has always had problems with jumpers in the NADAC venue--she would run her little heart out and could never make the time. Now, she runs as a veteran and it gives her a lower jump height--four inches instead of eight inches and more time to run the course. She can jump really high, so the four inches isn't really necessary...but the additional time to complete the course is just what she needed. She got her first ever Q in Novice Jumpers! She finished with seven seconds to spare! YAY!! She had a good time, I can the way she came racing in to see me when she got home---peeing all over my lap. I missed that.

And with that I say, Nighty night!


Lynne said...

Congrats to Truman, Bubbles and Sandy!!

Marieps said...

Congrats Sandy!! And Truman and Bubbie of course! Is Truman insufferable now? :>)