Friday, May 8, 2009


Went up to Providence strictly on faith today. I found out that my counts were fine when they got me and brought me down to "my room." Sandy told me later that the hospital called at 10am to return my call of last night...she informed them that I was already there! Dopes...I said in my message that my appt was for 9:30 and I needed them to call me FIRST THING....

Oh well...none of it matters now. It's all behind me. I got my Avastin (or placebo) and I was in and out in less than an hour! Jean went with me....Sandy stayed home sick last night which was just as good as she was able to get up with the dogs this AM...and she got Rocky out to do his business.

Now that the next stage of my chemo has FINALLY started I think I should explain again what is going on. Even though my cancer level is normal, there COULD be some lingering things in there that could turn into something serious. I signed up for the clinical trial of the drug Avastin when I was first diagnosed. The computer decided whether or not I would get the Avastin with the other drugs I was getting for six sessions--Taxol and Carboplatin. Those are the heavy duty chemicals....the Taxol especially. It was the Taxol that caused my platelets and my immunity level to fall so low. It's also what has caused me to have neuropathy and an endless (it seems) list of other side effects.

The Avastin is fairly mild...side effects wise. I believe that I was getting this drug for five sessions along with the others--based on some of the side effects I had.

Now the computer decided if I will be getting Avastin for this part of the study....I have always had the feeling that I would get it for the first stage...but not this stage. Let's see if I'm right.

I will be watching for certain side effects that I get with the Avastin--blood pressure goes up (today it was back to normal--because it's been so long since I last had chemo); diarrhea; nose bleeds etc.

Well...right off the bat....about an hour after I got home I had wicked WICKED diarrhea...that left me feeling wrung out like a dish rag. I flopped into bed and slept about three hours. Something I haven't done in a long time.

Rocky is doing great. Sandy calls him Rocket--I call him Rocky. He was sitting on my lap today and I actually got Bubbles to jump up there with him! He sniffed her a bit....and she just sat there with the toy in her mouth making little pleasure noises. I think it's going to work out as I hoped--he and she will be little playmates for each other.

Truman doesn't care too much for him. That's okay--we don't care about that-but Truman does need to leave him least while Rocky is recouperating and vulnerable. When Rocky is healed, the two of them can work it out. I'm sure Rocky will just submit to Truman and that will end that.

We took pictures of him and I promise I will post computer is acting crazy though and I don't want to start swearing I'll do it another time.

Picked up some more people for our Relay for Life team and I'm getting excited. I need people who would be willing to walk late at night, or the wee hours of the morning....when it's nice and cool and calm. Anyone interested, let me know!

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight...after having that nap. Right now I'm watching the Sox in a close one with the Rays....they seem to have great difficulty beating them...although last night was awesome!

We're sending good thoughts Jerry Remy's way....and to Jim Donovan in Tennessee. Hang in there guys!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about how Bubbles is "famous"....but now I have to sign off...

Nighty night!

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