Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rocky and Bubbles News

This is Rocky, shortly after he arrived at his new home. He is settling in nicely and it seems that he and Bubbles will be the play pals I hoped they would be. Now, he just has to finish recuperating from his injuries and surgery and he will be "right as rain." He does love to bark though, whenever he thinks he has been left alone....and in the morning when he thinks you should get your ass out of bed!

Now the news about Bubbles. Sandy was contacted by a Dog Photographer who had been at the last agility trial. He had taken a picture of Bubbles and he wants to use it as an image on his business card and also as part of a collage of photos he will use to advertise his work. Sandy gave him permission, but told him we want one of the cards!

I will now attempt to post the picture here: Ooops....looks like it isn't going to work. I will post it in a separate entry.

Just wanted to note the passing of two great women....Doris "Mrs. B" Bobinski whose funeral was today--I didn't dare go because I was having some problems....she was 87. Also, Mary "Gram" Burbine, Annette Zeppieri's grandmother...who was 91. She was a wonderful human was Doris. They will be missed and forever remembered.

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