Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

Yesterday I was getting ready to take a shower and looked out the window. There was a little pug dog running down the road, cars were slowing down and two little girls were running after the dog, clutching the empty leash. I went out and asked them if they had treats to lure the dog. They said no, so I went in to get some for them.

When I came back out, they came down the driveway and the dog followed them, so at least he was off the road. He was very scared and shied away each time they tried to get him. One of the little girls was crying she was so upset.

I got some string cheese and tossed it to the dog...who finally started eating the treats and getting closer to us. I asked them if they had taken their dog to obedience classes--they hadn't. I explained to them that they need to make their dog want to come back to they need to be very happy when he finally allowed himself to be caught.

Their brothers came down on their bikes and the little dog went up to one of them....I told him to slowly reach down to pet him and then catch him...which he did. I reminded the little girls to do "happy talk" to the dog now that they had him. I also told them that if they were interested in obedience I could give them the name of a good trainer.

They were very happy to have their dog back. I was happy for them.

This afternoon they came by with a hand made card: "To the Lady Who Saved Mugsy"...thanking me and telling me they had no idea how happy they were that I saved Mugsy. They said they are going to take Mugsy to obedience class and Sandy gave them the brochure for Suzanne's classes.

They even drew a picture of their was very cute...I posted it in the place of honor--on the fridge.

Sandy called out sick tonight as she doesn't think this is an allergy that she is experiencing. Her voice is non-existent. I have to do the talking on the phone, she doesn't even answer--there would be no can't understand her. We're hoping that nothing spreads to me--with my counts it could be dangerous.

She is excellent at handwashing, covering her cough, etc. and has been careful since her symptoms started. So, I think the odds are good in my favor.

Time will, won't it?

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