Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Arrival of Rocky!

Rocky has arrived. He's in the kennel in front of the fireplace, barking his head off, intermittently. Boy is he loud! He has a funny quality to his's cute.

We have to work out the machinations of how to get him up and out in the AM to do his "business"...he can't go up and down stairs or do other things due to the fact that he is still recuperating from his surgery.

At first, he didn't react at all to the dogs barking and snarling at him. Oddly enough the only one he reacted to was Sweet Lily...and he did a low growl at her. Not bad, just a quiet little growl. He doesn't know that she is his biggest asset. She loves little dogs.

I got him into the kennel in the kitchen and went to give the dogs some kibble while he had his. Truman launches himself at the kennel, then Lily pounced on it...causing it to partially collapse on him! No harm, no foul though.

Now the trick will be to let the dogs get to know him...understand that they are going to snarl and we can't overreact. Let them work it out. It should be interesting.

I hope he doesn't bark all night.

I will probably be awake on and off all night--I always do that the night before chemo...and once again, I'm hoping to finally have Chemo #7 tomorrow. They didn't call me to tell me how my counts were, so I'm assuming that they are okay and I'm "good to go" tomorrow at 9:30.

On Wednesday...when I realized that we were NOT going to get to Russell's Ribs for dinner as promised last week--Sandy just was not well enough to go out--I decided to get in the car and drive to Groton. I went to Russell's Ribs, sat my butt down and ordered the pork spare rib lunch special....with cole slaw and fries. YUM! Some parts of it were a little tougher than I care for---but it was tasty and the sauce was so good! I'll go back again sometime...maybe try a chicken and pork combo.

I haven't done that in years....went and sat in a restaurant by myself. I felt very comfy doing so and enjoyed the meal tremendously. I have only been craving barbecue like that since December I think. I got it in my head and couldn't get it out.

Sandy is staying home again tonight. She went to the allergist who told her she has to be on voice rest. I have been telling her that since this weekend...she sounds horrible. He told her that her nose is a "mess" and suggested that she use the "Neti pot"....good luck to her! I hope it works better for her than it did for me. Of course I figured out it was my deviated septum that created all the problems for me....using the pot.

The good thing....her lungs are clear. With her asthma, I always worry when she has throat or nose problems...always sure we're going to end up in the ER. Of course it's been some time since that has happened---but the other times were so traumatic, it tends to stick in your mind.

Mary Anne O'Keefe fell and broke her femur...she had to have surgery to repair it. Some welcome back to CT! She just got back from spending the winter in Florida. It's going to take a couple of months to get her back to her old form. If I don't go to chemo tomorrow, I'll go see her in the hospital with Lynne.

I went down to Waterford today after my blood work--to check Jean's wireless router. It got fried when some idiot drunk guy hit a pole on Vauxhall Street last month. It sent two transformers into a tizz, sending a surge through the system. It fried Frank's modem too. I wonder if they can get reimbursed from the idiot for the money they had to spend to fix the damage he did. Anyway, we had to go to Best Buy and pick up a new router. Then I installed it and she was good to go. Like she checks her email anyway!

So, here's hoping I get to get the drug tomorrow. Start me on the third path of my journey--first being the surgery---second being the six sessions of the HEAVY DUTY chemo and now the last path...the clinical trial of Avastin.

Oh...last night for some strange reason I went on the Ovarian Cancer web site message boards. MISTAKE! I knew I was avoiding that stuff for a depressing! I won't go there again...well, maybe in a few decades or so. I did leave a message about my experience....I think I was the first one who wrote about someone actually making it!

One thing about going to that site....I do know and accept now that I can never say I'm "cured" can always come back. I have beaten it this time and I fully expect that it will stay that way...but I always have to be vigilant for it coming back. And it could come back in weird places.

I'll think about that tomorrow...tomorrow is another day. :)

Wait...what's that? SILENCE?????

Rocky has settled down...Lily, Truman and Bubbles have settled down.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Oh My God-3 Russells now! Good luck! Glad to hear that Sandy's asthma hasn't kicked in

Carol & Jim said...

Hope you get to have your chemo and all goes well........Jim & I are sending tons of good thoughts your way.