Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Sandy tells me this AM that Carol says my little herb plants will wilt and die in the sun...they aren't strong enough to take it yet. So, I covered them up with a shade panel that we have for the dogs when they are in their kennels in the sun...I just checked on them after being out all day in the sun and the little plants are perked back up! Guess I have found an answer!

I got up late--took a shower and used that Tresemme again...I don't know if it's the shampoo...or if my hair was just coming back faster on it's own...but it is growing very fast now. When I was out riding around today with the windows open, I could feel the wind in my "hair"....what a different feeling!

I went shopping at Kohl's today--to get capris and shorts. I found some nice stuff...and even threw in a couple of small purses--one red and one pink. They had HELLA sales at Kohl's and unbeknownst to me....they then threw in an extra 15% off! I got some great deals. Got about six pairs of capris and four pairs of shorts. I have to get bermuda length shorts as I hate how my skin hangs around my knees now, from losing weight. So, I was pretty limited in my choices, but I did manage to find some nice madras shorts in my size. I love madras and am so happy it's back in style!

On my way home I went for a ride--went by Jim Coney's house--to spy on him for his Mother. The yard looks very neat and nice...the daffodils are all in bloom around the well head. No sign of Jimbo though....a beautiful day and he's probably in the house, playing video games! Ha ha...or maybe he was having a late lunch.

I dropped over to Carol and Mark's to see the new furniture---very nice. I love their sun room--it was so nice and breezy and cool there---when it was torrid outside!

Mark, the guy who lives across the street from us (in the Eddie Bauer house as we call it) came by with his four month old yellow lab named Bentley--who was coming to meet and play with Porter, Carol and Mark's HUGE two year old black lab. Well...the two of them hit it off great! They were chasing each other all over the yard...and when they got too hot, they jumped into the wading was the first time Bentley had been in a pool....and he loved it! Carol tooks lots of pictures and I hope she sends them to me...they were so cute!

I wish our dogs would get along with other dogs like that. Lily likes little dogs, but is afraid of big dogs. She doesn't like big, female dogs. I wonder if she would play with Porter--in his year...but Landry (their female lab) would have to stay in the house.

Truman ignores most other dogs and would go after anyone of them who wanted to play--and I don't really blame him, if they hit his teeth inadvertently--it wouldn't be good.

Bubbles is afraid of everything and everyone, until she gets to know them. She would launch herself at Bentley to make him go away...not welcome him with joy as Porter did.

It's sad really. I don't know if we are going to get that Rocky dog....if we do, hopefully he will play with Bubbles and she will play with him.

Sandy put the air conditioning on upstairs to sleep today. It got really hot. I shut down the windows and blinds downstairs and it stayed nice and cool.

When I got back from shopping and visiting, Sandy was already up and I was famished. She managed to whip up a great steak dinner with potatoes; spinach and squash...yum!

Now I'm killing time until it's Sox time--8pm. Watching some of the "Hotel Inspector" shows I've got recorded. Need to clear out some space so we can record other shows! What a problem to have.

Nighty night! AND GO SOX!!!

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Marieps said...

Can't wait to see the hairs! Great sports weekend!