Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday the 28th

What a ways I have to go to get in shape! After lamenting my saggy knees (like an elephant) and my saggy bat-wing upper arms--and the fact that I can't find clothing to cover them-the arms that is...I did buy bermuda shorts and capris, I knew it was time to get moving to rebuild muscle. That's what I need to hold all the sagging parts up!

I have lost a lot of muscle mass to the cancer and the chemo. It's no secret. The port they installed in my chest sat there so nice and tight when it was first put in...the muscles held it nicely in place. Now I can move that damned thing all over my upper body!

So, with all this in mind, I got on the Wii Fit yesterday. Yikes! I hadn't been on it in 63 days it says. Also, after testing me, it says my "Wii Fit age" is ..........69! OUCH!!!! Last time it was 37! WOW! Like I said, I have some work ahead of me.

So, I worked out on the Wii...doing mostly balance and aerobic stuff, for 30 minutes. Then I ate lunch, took a shower (must get that Tresemme in my hair every day now--it's working so well!) and went out and about in the car. I dropped off the big clothes at the thrift shop and then went over to Agway for bird seed (they were out of thistle--as is everyone else around here!) and picked up the big box of biscuits we had ordered for Lily. Then I went to Stop and Shop, where I ran into Mannie...who is in the Senior Center Chorus....we chatted for awhile...sounds like the old group is down to almost nothing...due to various health concerns--which is what happens with seniors, I guess.

Then I dropped in at Ocean State to get the grape jelly Pam told me would attract the Baltimore Orioles (Northern Orioles for you purists).

After that I went over to Tractor Supply to see if I could get a purple martin house...as they are all over this neighborhood and Carol has them nesting in a blue bird box! I parked next to a red Jeep Cherokee and noticed a beautiful Dobie in the front seat...panting. The windows were cracked open about an inch on the passenger side and a half inch on the driver's side.

Now I had heard this dog when I was going into Ocean State...so I knew it hadn't just arrived! I tried to see if he was in immediate distress...and he hopped into the back seat...so another NO NO---he wasn't secured in the car!

I went into the store and with help, found the bird houses and a pole for it. I inquired as I ran into people in the store, if it was their dog. No one said yes.

I told the lady at the register that I would be back in to have her page the owners if it was still there when I went back out....but fortunately the car was gone.

These are two of my pet peeves about dog owners: Leaving animals in hot cars--stupid idiots! The car heats up to well over 100 degrees in a very short period of time when it is sitting in the sun--even when the outside temp is in the 70's.

And, riding around with your dog unsecured in the car is another one of my pet peeves (don't even get me started on people who put their dogs in the back of an open pickup truck!) I don't care if people want to break the law by not wearing seat belts (unless they are driving with me)...if you are that stupid and ignore all the evidence of seat belts saving your life, etc. You reap what you sow. BUT, babies, children and pets don't have the ability to make an informed decision.....we need to PROTECT them.

It kills me when I see people riding with their little dog on their laps. I ask them, "do you love your dog?" "How horrified are you going to be when you get in an accident and your little dog goes SPLAT in your face when the air bag deploys?" Or, your little dog will be the "flying missile that strikes you in the head, snapping your neck and killing you...and him/her" NICE!!!

We have the Russells in kennels or secured with seat belts in their little seats. Lily wears a harness type seat belt that connects to the car's belt. I don't want any flying dogs and I don't want any dogs roaming in the car to distract me as I drive.

I'm going to get those flyers that the vets put out about the warning about the heat...so next time I see a dog in a car in the heat, I can at least leave the flyer on their windshield to educate them. Leave the doggies at home in the heat people! They don't need to go for a ride on a warm day!

Poor dogs, having to put up with such idiot owners. I'll bet that dog vomitted last night after he/she ate...and they are wondering "what's wrong with the dog?"

Enough of my rants.

I'm off to warm up on the Wii and then do some work in the yard. OH OH OH!!! I forgot...last night I took the two Russells for a half hour walk while Sandy took Lily to class. I was pooped when we got back, but it felt so darned good.

Okay, now I'm off to do stuff....