Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mystery (?) solved

Well, I finally got a call from June--who is "my nurse"...the one who usually gives me my chemo. She explained that my platelets were all right (120) but my white cell count was only 750....which Sandy says is pretty low. So, as of now, I'm rescheduled for next Friday...same time...same station. We'll see.

I crashed early last night after all that vindow vashing and viping....went to bed at 8pm with Sandy---we watched the Sox game until the Yanks pulled Joba out of the game. Then we had to shut off the lights and sleep.

Sandy got up early to head to Wrentham with Truman for a NADAC trial. I couldn't go back to sleep, so at 6:15 I was busy frying up eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then I went up and took a shower and used that new Tresemme shampoo that I bought at Ocean State yesterday. Someone told Sandy that Tresemme shampoo helps people grow their hair back nice and strong after chemo. I dunno if that's true...but it was cheap so I got it. It was the first time I've used shampoo since before Christmas! I have been washing my "hair" with Dove soap!

My hair is coming in's still stubble...but it is thick stubble. Pardon me if I have already written about this--but I am quite excited to be getting my hair back. I'm tired of wearing the buffs and I'm sick of the "sympathy" looks I get when I go around with nothing on my head. I know people mean well...but.....

I finally go around to sending out my Relay for Life annual plea for support. I have already picked up a few donations (YAY!!!) and am hoping I get some folks to walk with me. We have a good time every year. We decorate our screen house with UConn Husky gear (we are UConn Jack's Husky Maniacs, after all--that's our team name) and we bring plenty of food and drink. They give you free food and drinks at the site anyway. Lots of nice people there, the radio station always seems to interview someone from our group; and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to something good in the world.

Anyone who wants to walk with us or who wants to contribute in support of my walking can do so by going to this web site:

The more people we have walking with us...the less we have to walk! If you can walk an hour-or five minutes--doesn't matter! Come on down and join us! It's June 27th at Norwich Free Academy...we walk from around 11am to 9am the next day.

I plan to walk at least a few times--an hour at a time. I generally walk when the walk first starts--then through the Memorial Luminaria ceremony they hold at 9pm and then in the middle of the night--when it's cooler! :) I hope to be in good physical shape by to walk for a long time. Last year I didn't walk so much--I was I know why!

Today I washed woodwork inside and hauled out the herbs I potted from the cellar (they had been under the grow lights) to the deck. I'll cover them at night to avoid any danger of frost. I filled the bird feeders-for the third time this week and then I made myself a tuna sandwich, tomato soup and chips and a of my favorite lunches! I sat out on the deck, under the umbrella...ate and did my crossword puzzle.

Today I'll watch the Sox at 4pm...that old guy--100 years old today--will be the honorary bat boy. I hope he can duck if a foul ball comes his way. I heard once that down at Spring Training they put nets up in front of the crowd, since there are so many old people who kept getting bonked by foul balls...rotten reflexes. Kind of like me trying to catch that zucchini in my mouth at Koto's the other night!

Sox beat the Yanks in extra innings last night---somehow I knew it was going to go to extra innings. I hope they pound them again today. I am malicious when it comes to the Yankees...sorry Yankee fans.

Ta ta!

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