Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I'm at the Backus Lab...this must be Thursday....

Up early to shower and get down to get my blood work done. I called the Cancer Ctr. before I got in the shower, to have them fax the lab slip to Backus. Got down to the hospital around 9:30. They hadn't recieved the fax. We called Providence...they got put on hold...I took over the phone while they took care of other patients. Talked to someone who told me that "they were all busy in clinic with patients"....they would fax it in a few minutes. Waited 45 minutes and then called again. "The nurses are really swamped." I said, "last week a Tech sent the request, can you find SOMEONE who can send the request?"

Finally, after 11:00, and after I had been exposed to two sneezing, coughing toddlers and one nurse who brought down a specimen from a woman who is suspected to have Swine are reading that right (I only hope they were WRONG)....finally my fax comes through...they do the test and I'm flying out the door before anything bad can happen to me.

I did wear my mask while I was in there, and one of the kids put a mask on too...but as Maria writes....those masks don't stop the Swine flu virus particulate. You need a TB mask for that. Sandy is going to get one for me.

And good thing I just got the call from my pal white cell count is still too low, but they aren't canceling me for tomorrow--they want me to be redrawn. So, Lynne and i will drive out there tomorrow and think lots of positive thoughts...hoping I get my chemo!

On my way home from Backus I went to KFC and had one of their new grilled chicken meals...I got a breast and wing. The meal is REALLY good. The chicken is moist and tasty and not heavy. I would definitely get it again....and I'm not a huge KFC fan.

When I got home, Jean was in the side yard, raking. She is a sick woman...she loves to come to our house and rake leaves. She is keeping count of the number of big leaf bags she fills (Sandy dumps them in the compost out back...and she uses the bags again)...and it has got to be over 20 by now....easily! She even got poison ivy and is on Prednisone for it and she STILL COMES! I told's sick.

Sandy had left to go grocery shopping, Jean's in the I busied myself cleaning the house. I did the whole damned thing, dusting; vacuuming; washing the floors....everything! I even moved the bed and the dressers and vacuumed behind them...something Miss Sandy doesn't do when she cleans. I even lifted out the A/C floor grates in the living room and breakfast nook and vacuumed down into the ductwork. I will do the other rooms the next time I clean...probably next week.

I did take breaks in between doing the first and second floors. I thought that if I sat down I might not get up and get going upstairs, but I was wrong. I rejuvenated myself and got going again.

I even made supper tonight and have already eaten. Sandy took the Russells to agility. She wasn't going to take Bubbles because she was sounding raspy earlier this week and the vet said to keep her home from class and from the agility trial this weekend. But tonight Bub went out to the car, wanting to go...something she NEVER does! We talked about it...decided that she should go and she should go to the trial. She hasn't sounded wheezy, raspy or at all sick...only that one night and that day she had been doing a lot of snuffling in the ground--she probably had dirt up her nose.

That means Lily and I will be home alone this weekend. Which will be good for us. Sandy is all worried about me being home alone...but for crying out tears...if I can clean the house, drive around town and do all sorts of other things, I think I can be home alone! She has Carol and Mark on stand-by in case I need help. I'll show her. I think I'll put up that Martin House I bought this week. Won't she be surprised!

I just realized...she's camping this weekend...she's going to need both of those dogs sleeping with her to keep warm! Good thing Miss Bub is going with...she gives off a LOT of heat!

Oh...another thing...the guy from Overhead Door came to check on our garage has been making a weird cracking sound. Sure enough, he recommends a new door. This is the original and it's not that good quality to start we are having a new door and new door opener put in to be on the safe side. Another expense.

Now I will go watch the Sox....they are playing their nemesis from last year---the Rays. And now the Rays are winning 3-0. But, as I said, so prophetically last ain't over till it's over. We'll see how that works out tonight.

GO SOX....GO CELTS...GO BRUINS (I don't watch hockey...but it's only fair I throw them in there)

Nighty night---wish me luck for tomorrow's chemo...I have missed a complete cycle now--this must STOP!!!

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