Friday, May 1, 2009

No Go Friday

Well...we DID go...but we didn't stay. Lynne got up to the house at 8:45 and off we went to Providence, with me at the wheel. Got my blood work and urine spec done and sat and waited for the good word from "Little Ann Marie" who was my nurse for the day.

The Social Worker for the Dream Study I'm participating in came up to chat with us. We had a nice talk, which helped me from becoming antsy while awaiting the word.

Finally Ann Marie came in and told me that my counts were too low. My ANC (the test results that show my vulnerability to infection) was down from last week! It was 750 last week, 650 today! BUT, YESTERDAY it was 400...and Ann Marie said when it's that low I shouldn't be out near people....but, of course I had to go get my blood work done...and then there was that part where I went into KFC for a couple of minutes...but I slathered on the hand sanitizer right afterwards (before I handled my food).

Ann Marie seems to think that next week I will be fine. I'm sure she is right. I was disappointed but not devastated. I felt bad for Lynne, who had to drag herself out of bed way early to get to Griswold to come with me. So I drove her back to our house and made her a nice breakfast, which she really appreciated. I would have taken her to a restaurant, but I'm not supposed to go out and Sandy would have killed me....and Lynne wouldn't have let me anyway!

I was talking with a woman who was awaiting her chemo. I asked her if she had a hard time getting a response when she called the cancer center....she was very negative about the whole place! I was surprised...the only problems I've had were with the lady at the reception desk (she needs a different job) and the fact that it is very hard to get a response when I call. They don't call back, I have to make multiple calls to get them to fax the lab slips, etc.

This woman and her friend-sister? didn't have a good attitude. I feel badly for her. She needs to look beyond the problems and realize that her life is being saved at the center. She's bitching because she has to wait a bit for her app't? And then the way she says "I have to sit there for FIVE HOURS for a chemo session" such a disgusting tone---HELLO!!! We ALL have to do that! It's an inconvenience for her? She needs to hurry up and get her priorities right!

I see what they mean when they say attitude is everything. I complained today about the lab slip problem, but I wasn't nasty about it. I made some suggestions of what I might be able to do to make it easier for them....and I'm going to do it if I ever have to get them to fax a slip to the hospital. What the hell's the sense of just bitching and moaning if you aren't going to get involved in trying to make the situation better?

Sandy is off to Greenfield with the Russells. She just called and said it didn't look like it had rained there. She is camping and I hope it doesn't get too cold. I am trying to get some folks over here to visit, while I'm home alone with just Lily...who is SO EASY on guests...she just licks them to Lynne discovered today.

So, if you are reading this...feel free to come on over!

Nighty night!


Carol and Jim said...

So sorry your levels were still not there anything you can do to raise them? Like eat lots of beef or something?That sounds stupid but I keep thinking there must be something to help the situation....

Lynne said...

Not to be picky but I picked you up at 7:45. And you to make a great breakfast. Thanks again.