Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seems I have a lot of energy in the I take advantage of it. Today I stripped the bedding, removed the mattress warmer and put on the "Spring/Summer" mattress pad, changed the sheets and then washed all of the above.

I was going to work out on the Wii...but after eating my breakfast of reduced sugar oatmeal and a cup of coffee out on the deck, I was too "lazed by the sun" to do anything but sit in the recliner and play on the computer.

A weird thing happened on Facebook. I got this message that Mary McKay's sister, Susan "accepted me as a friend"....well, I had never requested that she be my friend! I'm sure she's a nice person...she is Mary's sister after all...but I don't even know her! I wrote to h er and told her it had to be some kind of computer glitch....I hope it's not something more sinister. We'll see.

We were going to go to Russell's Ribs tonight for dinner--FINALLY! But then Sandy and Mark went off to get a truck load of cow manure---for the princely sum of $8.00, from the farm up the street and then Sandy and Carol got to talking on the phone and next thing you know we're deciding to stay home. We'll go next week and Carol and Mark will join us. That will be fun.

We were watching the news tonight....all about the Swine Flu. Since my immunity levels are way down, we decided it's best for me to avoid places like restaurants, stores and the casino for awhile longer. I may have beaten cancer, but right now something stupid like the swine flu would kill me. And believe me, that would really piss me off!

I go tomorrow to have the damned blood work done again....let's hope third time's the charm! I really want to have that chemo session on we'll hope the blood levels are up high enough to meet their requirements. I will wear the mask when I go to the lab...I'm not taking any chances. You never know what people there for blood work might have...they are all SICK!

Sox lost last night with a stupid play at first to end the game for them. Now they are losing again tonight, but it ain't over 'till it's over.

I can almost make out some hint of color in my hair. I'm confused about what color it's going to be. It looked white when it was stubble...but now I see some darker tones in there. It seems that every day it grows noticeably more and more. My hair always did grow fast. It's fun to watch it come in. Soon I'll have to trim some of the wild hairs that are "going rogue" on me. I can't stop running my hands across the feels so cool.

Celts won last night...I didn't even realize they were on. Sounds like it was one helluva game. I have to check the papers to see when they are on next so I don't miss it again. it's 5-1...Bay just scored...that may start something for the Sox.

Well...I should watch this now.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Wearing a mask won't help with the swine flu thing. They say the molecules or whatever are so small they can pass through the mask. But maybe it'll remind everyone else not to cough/breathe/sneeze in other people's faces!

On the sports front-our hometown teams are in a grind 'em out/OT-extra innings mode! As long as they win.........!

carol/Jim said...

How strange about the Facebook thing, I had the same thing happen to me a couple days ago and mine is from someone I never want to speak to ever again, so I know I didn't ask them to be a friend. I do however still have them in my email address book...think that has anything to do with it?