Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, Big East

First of new atomic watch changed the time all by itself last night while I was sleeping! I'm so proud of it's ability to do that without any assistance from me.

Watched the Huskies decimate USF...unbelievable performance by our women. Maya Moore was awesome as usual...there was play between her and Kaili McLaren that was Sports Center material.

After the game I crashed fast. I was hoping that the exhaustion I felt after the last chemo was a "after-the-fourth-chemo-abberation"...but I guess I was wrong. It's probably going to happen until I finish all the "big chemos" and I'm just going to have to accept it. DONE.

Facebook is amazing. Today I became "friends with" someone I knew from our old neighborhood in Putnam, Gordon Jandro. I haven't seen him since he graduated high school and headed off to California. This AM there's a message from Facebook in my email, saying that he wants to add me as a friend....of course I accepted. Now I will help him reconnect with Wiz and with other Putnam folks. He's living in Arizona now.

I have been reunited with old Army pals, found relatives (Birgitta and Lilian) in Sweden that I didn't know I had; reestablished relationships with the Schultzbergs--who I had lost contact with; keep in better contact with my siblings; found old high school pals; made friends with fellow Husky fans--strangers I would NEVER have met---all through the internet.

Now Facebook comes along and it makes it so much easier to find people; keep in touch and help them to find other "lost friends." It's fun too!

C Viv Stringer has just removed all of her starters and put her bench in...she's so creative...that's the ONLY thing she can think of to do when her team falls behind by 12 points. She's almost a washed-up, has-been.

Oh...and the Lady Voles lost last night. Life is very good!

So, now my job is to eat, sleep, relax. Eat, sleep, relax. Tough, eh?

So, why am I so envious when I see all these people around me with so much energy? I long for the day when I have that kind of energy back again.

Until then I'll work hard at my current job.

Nighty night!


Jim Donovan said...

OMG, I used to surf with Gordy!! I would love to talk with him again! And Rodney Dumas...........
Jim Donovan

SueBear said...

The internet is a WONDERFUL way to find those long lost folks....LMAO!!! Actually, I am rolling on the floor over that one. I love irony!