Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Actually, there really wasn't anything wacky....except for the dreams I had last night. I got up early in the AM and remembered to write them down. I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm going to be keeping a journal of my dreams for some study they are doing at the Cancer Ctr. They can have fun with the weirdness that goes on in my head every night! Last night the themes were HAIR and the color red. Strange.

Got up late and went down for my bloodwork. Still no pleases and thank yous from the receptionist...but it is the same person now every week, she recognizes me and doesn't make me go through the 20 questions....some small progress. The phlebotomist was a guy fact both of them were guys---they told me that they are the only guys in the dept. Well...I know the other guy and he is great and this guy was even gentler! Not a mark on me...and no blood on the cotton when I took the dressing off tonight! That's GOOD!

Then we ran over to sign our income tax returns and then to Town Hall to get the marriage license paperwork. The lady is one of those who starts out with an attitude, but turns it around as she "gets to know you" and it was a pleasant experience in the end.

Came home and went to bed...I was pooped. Lynne showed up shortly thereafter, came up and sat with me...I in bed and Lynne on the chaise. We had a nice talk and then she told me to sleep....which I did. She went downstairs and had a nice chat with Sandy. They figured out the wedding details for next week. Lynne will come up here to do the ceremony if I am tired and then we will go out for our lobster dinner. Or, we will have the dinner at another time...the important thing in all of this is to have that dinner!

Heard from ANOTHER old friend through Facebook...Bruce Wallen. We used to work together at Weiss' Market back when I was in college and he was in high school. Bruce was a young pilot and took me up in his family's plane a few times...I've never forgotten it. He has his own plane now and ended up as a state employee too! It must have been something in the water up there in Putnam.

Tomorrow Sandy has a couple of appointments and I'm going to just rest. I'll be heading into my "period of confinement" Friday through Tuesday, when I have to avoid germs. I avoid them all the time, but this is when I have to be extra careful.

I'm enjoying listening to the March wind. I dunno why, but wind and rain always helps me fall asleep. have those strange dreams. Tonight it will probably be about flying....we'll see.

Nighty night.

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SueBear said...

God only knows what's in that Putnam water...and she aint talking!!! LMAO

It's probably all for the best. If we knew what we'd been drinking all those years it'd probably scare the spit out of us!!!!!