Friday, March 13, 2009

Husky Horror Show

I stayed up to watch that abomination of a tournament game last night between the Huskies and Syracuse. It started at 9:30 and I didn't think I would be able to stay up to see it....I hadn't been able to sleep when I went up for my nap in the afternoon.

Well, not only did I stay up and watch all SIX overtimes....when I did go up to bed, it was almost 1:30 am and I didn't fall asleep for another two hours!

The game was so pitiful...the Huskies showed little heart, desire or drive, with a few exceptions. If they could hit foul shots, they would have won the thing easily....but NO! They have to make everything harder than it has to be.

Sandy brought her car up to Toyota to have her oil changed and she went looking for a Camry hybrid for me. She found one that is way more than I want to pay---it's loaded with everything. She'll go back next week to wheel and deal with the salesman I dealt with before when I went up there. She seems to think that with their lower car loan rate and her getting them to knock $$ off, I should be able to afford it.

We'll see. If it's meant to happen, it will happen. I didn't want it loaded, but if she can get it at the right price, I won't turn it down.....

When she came home and was putting groceries away we got into a little tiff. It seems (to me anyway) that every time she goes into the kitchen after I've used it, she finds something to exclaim over---"what's this white stuff on the stove?" (that was yesterday), today it was "what's this, something greasy here"'s always matter how hard I work to clean everything. It's been happening since we moved here...although at the old house, she always seemed to find some crumbs I missed.

The thing is, I find things in the kitchen too...but I don't say anything about them, I just clean them up. Unless of course, what I find is the tea kettle boiling away and she's in the back yard, or cellar or some such thing. Then I will say something--for safety's sake.

She always seems compelled---and I'm suspecting it is a familial thing--I must remember to ask Jean about that, to comment on "things" she finds in the kitchen.

Today, it being the second or third straight day we have had these "discoveries", just hit me wrong. I completely threw out the window everything she has done for me over the past few months--the care she has been providing--and I had to make a nasty retort.

She insists that her comments aren't aimed at me...I told her, "who else could be doing it? Mr. Yehudi?" With that she told me I am cruel and now we are keeping our distance and quietly.

Nothing like a good nap to make all that bad stuff go away, that's what I always say. I have my headphones on now, listening to classical music on Sirius while she bangs around in the kitchen, where she is still muttering about things.

Oh well...this too shall pass.

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