Friday, March 13, 2009

Addendum to Friday's post

Well, Sandy and I made up later before she left to go take Frank to see Ryan's game.

Then, she got her revenge. As I was taking a package of chicken nuggets she got for Truman's agility trial tomorrow, my containers of ribs and barbecue sauce fell out onto the floor.

You should have heard the swearing that went on! Barbecue sauce all over the floor, fridge, under the meat drawer, on my name was there. So, I had to get on my hands and knees and clean up every.....last......drop. I had to take out the meat drawer to clean underneath it.....and of course, I had to wrestle it out of the fridge...actually, I had to remove ALL the drawers just to get to the meat drawer....of course.

Then I had to schlep downstairs to get the bucket, mop and vinegar (which is what we use for cleaning)....not there....had to schlep back upstairs and out to the garage, which is where they were. Washed the floor.

Before this happened I noticed that the paper towel holder was leaning. While I was pulling towels off, a little piece of cheap plastic flew off the bottom and the thing fell apart---I'll probably get blamed for that.

Actually, she just came home and I read the above to her....she knows that it was she doesn't blame me. I'll go buy a new one.

I told you this too shall has done so.

Nighty night!

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Marieps said...

If I had spilled the BBQ sauce all over everything I'd be swearing and slamming doors and kicking the cat.........

Hey, Joey's a BIG guy-he could take it!