Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy day at home. I washed the sheets, cleaned the bathrooms (all of them); dusted upstairs and down; shredded the pile of old bills, checks, etc that had accumulated since November; went through the box of stuff Sandy had put aside for me while I was in the hospital; and made phone calls to JuJu, Trudy, my Dad and got a nice call from Jan Gothers-one of my co-workers at UConn.

Sandy took Lily for a walk around the neighborhood while Truman and Bubbles clung about the windowsills in the dining room, screaming, because Lil was going for a walk and not them.

Then Sandy took the two of them up to Pachaug worries about dead bodies today. They went for a nice walk and made it through the snow squall that blew up suddenly.

Now I'm vegging in the recliner...watching Sandy play Zelda on the Wii. She loves that game...even though she got it for me, obstensibly.

Last night Sandy and I played Rock Band...she worked the drums and I sang. She is really getting better on the drums (and the guitar)...we were able to unlock another set of songs...they get harder with each set. I don't do bad singing, even the songs that I never heard before!

I couldn't sleep last night...I had trouble falling asleep and got up at 11:30, came downstairs to have a protein shake...I was hungry. Then I sat up, watching old episodes of The Office while I waited for the shake to digest a bit before I laid down again. I did fall asleep, but woke up a few times and each time would have trouble falling asleep. I think I was too excited about my news to sleep.

Jan tells me that my levels could go up and down and to not get discouraged. I was wondering about this and Sandy is going to research it for me. I will prepare myself for the number being a bit higher next time, just in case.

I am really looking forward to hitting the road with Charmine tomorrow. She'll come get me at 2pm and then we head up to Maria's. She won't get home from work until after 5:00, so Charmine and I may roam around S. Boston..I can show her the sights as Maria has shown me, Goodwill being the highlight, of course! Then the three of us will head north, stopping for supper along the way...probably something guache like The 99 Restaurant...which I wouldn't mind at all..I've been thinking alot about fish tacos!

This weekend we'll be in the Meadowmere Resort. Jack got us all rooms on the first floor, to accomodate me. We are near the Roman Spa...and I plan to be in there a couple of times this weekend! I also hope I make it into the hot tub out in the snow. I will be bringing the camera to take pics and will post them here, hopefully...or on my Facebook page. I can post more pics there.

Saturday it will be breakfast and dinner with the whole crew and shopping at Renny's with Maria, Charmine and I'm sure Anne-Marie and her daughter. I hope to pick up some more small size clothes there...I have established a goal of staying close to this size!

Interesting...this group of Husky fans are going to be missing the game on Saturday....we'll be too busy singing karaoke!

I will be bringing the laptop with me to Maine, and they have wi-fi in the if anything wild happens, I'll be sure to blog about it! I'm so happy to have something other than my bowels, chemo, etc to report on!

Nighty night!

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MarieS said...

Oh, I hope you blog while at the Meadowmere! We will miss being there so much! I will SOOO miss the Roman Spa. At least Don and I got to use the Jacuzzi a few times at the hotel in PA.