Friday, January 9, 2009


In the wee hours of the morning we both heard Murphy make that same "little cry" at the bedroom door. Then he came in through the kitty door and jumped up on my nightstand...then took off running. We didn't hear him again all night.

This AM when I got up to let Bubbles out to go potty, Murphy was in the upstairs hallway...waiting for me to admire the "little package" he had dropped off by the got it!! A mangled mouse. I picked it up with kleenex and Murphy went flying into the spare room...all full of himself!!!

What a guy! I told Sandy that the mousetraps her mother sent up are not doing us any good sitting in the plastic bag in the dining room! Maybe she'll put them out while I'm away.

I'm busy packing my stuff to go to Maine. I have to take my little blender to make my protein shakes...but I hope to be able to get enough protein through my food. I also have to pack a lot more medications and "potions" than last year! I'm bringing my camcorder for karaoke...maybe we can post some videos on U-Tube; my digital camera and my bathrobe...which makes packing tough. I am also bringing my new UConn Husky we can put him in compromising positions and take pictures...also I want to start a collection of pictures of him situated in places we travel to...I think I'll even take him on the cruise next fall! I go to pack! And awaaaaaaaaaayyyyy we go!

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SueBear said...

Protein bars are very good too. Myoplex makes one thast packs 30 grams of protein into the thing. I can only eat half at a time/meal...but hey, that's still 15 grams of protein. Some of them are quite good and in the twenty-something range. Unfortunately for me (who no longer especially cares for chocolate) most of them have at least some chocolate flavor. The best part is...THEY TRAVEL REALLY WELL!