Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This morning I languished in bed until about 10:30...I know how those of you who aren't retired LOVE to hear that kind of dirty talk!

Sandy took Lily for a long walk around the neighborhood and then took Truman and Bubbles up to Hopeville Pond to walk there. She was going to walk them at their favorite place, in Pachaug Forest, but the area they usually go to is where they found the dead body yesterday (and let's face it, EVERYONE knows it has to be the body of the mother of that guy they arrested!)...so Sandy didn't want to have to deal with police tape, etc. The Russells would probably try to attack anyway.

Poop Patrol Update: Now the diarrhea is gone and guess what? You got it...it's time to start taking the Miralax again! Is there no rest for my weary bowels???

I called Velma Hair today...she was our secretary at the clinic where I worked in the Army in South Carolina. I "found" her again last year. Then I lost her address when we moved. I finally remembered that I had her phone number saved on my upstairs computer...so I looked it up and called her....had to leave a message. She called back tonight and we had a nice chat...getting caught up on all the news. Velma turns 88 next week and she hasn't changed one bit since the last time we saw each other...about thirty years ago. She says I haven't changed either. She's probably right.

I tried calling Diana too...one of my old roommates from the Army. No answer, so I'll try again tomorrow.

I have to call my cousin Frannie too. Boy, for someone who hates talking on the phone, I'm certainly being phoney lately.

Speaking of phone calls, last night I called Grace. She tells me that she heard that Maggie G. died while having a seizure. I went nuts, because no one had told me this. I emailed Judi and also Meghan and Pam...Judi got back to me first, assuring me that she had called Maggie and the rumors of her departure were not true. Now Grace isn't answering her phone so I can tell her that she was wrong...thank God!

I'm watching the Huskies PASTE USF on CPTV now. Maya Moore had something like 20 points and 9 rebounds in the first half alone! I love her...she is one of those special players that most teams only get once in a lifetime...UConn has been fortunate to have a few of those kind of players...she is the latest one.

Tomorrow we go to get my bloodwork, then we are going to schlep thru the snow/sleet/rain/whatever to pick up Lynne. She is coming along with us to go to see Dr. Lachance at L&M...although I did have to break the news to Lynne that it may not be Dr. Lachance, but his partner, Dr. DiSilvestre instead. I love Dr. DiSilvestre so it doesn't bother me.

One advantage of losing your hair is that you lose ALL of your hair. I haven't shaved in over a month and yet there is no stubble on my legs and nothing in my pits! And the carpet is just about matching the drapes, if you know-what-I-mean. I'm finally in style!

I'll end on that note.

Nighty night....stay warm everyone!


SueBear said...

PROBIOTICS...they will work on both problems. I aint saying don't take the other stuff...but why not cover all the bases? Besides, weren't yo the one who sent me the 'yogurt is good for healthy weight' article a while back? It sure tastes better than some of the other remedies for those 'irregularities.'

Lynne said...

Glad to hear you're finally in style. A big LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am a bit slow on the uptake as it took me a minute to figure out the drapes/carpet reference, but when I did I was LMAO!