Sunday, December 21, 2008

Work work work

Made a conscious effort to be a contributor today. I did the laundry, four loads, washed the dishes that Sandy had left in the sink and I cleaned the master bathroom, sinks and toilet. I even fed the dogs tonight! AND...fed Murphy too!

All of this involved climbing up and down the stairs multiple times...which I think I need to do more. I have been feeling weak in my legs the last few days.

I think tomorrow I'm going to drag out the Wii and do some work on that. Balance and yoga stuff to start. I'll take it slow and take plenty of breaks.

I also have to wrap gifts tomorrow...not that much to wrap...most of my gifts to Sandy are gift certificates...which she loves because then she gets what SHE wants.

She's outside snowblowing again. We got more snow today...and it's wet and heavy. I don't know how good the blower will be with that.

I went out for a bit to take pictures of the house in the snow. It was very pretty out there. Unfortunately, as I was downloading the pictures to the computer, I missed the local fire dept coming by with Santa on the back! I couldn't unhook the connections and run out there fast enough. I'm glad they do this in Griswold...Norwich always came by every year and I used to go out to wave at them...get the candy cane they handed out and take pictures. I missed it this year!

OOOPS! The UConn women are going to be playing in a few minutes...I gotta go watch them!

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks for the pics. I love the bows on the fence outside...oh, and the paw print stockings. Very kewl.