Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well...we had a bit of excitement last night. We went to bed early...probably around 9:30. We were very tired and had a big day ahead of us.

About 11:30 I hear Murphy crying outside the bedroom door, then he came in through the kitty door that we have in the bedroom door. Then I hear him cry again...but this time it was a weird cry and I got the thought in my head that something was wrong...maybe he was sick.

I called him up on the bed...he jumped up and I was petting him...when suddenly I feel a small "something" run across my hip around my back and over the pillows above my head! I knew right away it was a mouse! A mouse that Murphy just brought into our bed!

I jumped up yelling that there was a mouse in the bed. Sandy got up and turned on the lights as I conveniently beat feet into the bathroom...having decided that I needed to relieve myself.

Sandy turned the Russells loose in the room to look for the mouse...they didn't find anything so she insisted that there was no mouse...I, of course, insisted that there was....then I hear her say "got it...there he is!" The mouse was under the bed.

Well...somehow the mouse got away....and I got back into bed. Sandy had the dogs look for the mouse for awhile longer and then she, and they, got back into bed. Truman was all excited and took awhile falling did I. Sandy and Bub went right off to sleep. I lay there for a looooooooong time.

Well...all night long every little thing seemed like a mouse trying to get up on the bed! It was a long night...I kept getting up and going to the bathroom and then when I would get back in bed, I'd "hear" mice everywhere.

In the morning when I let Bub out I couldn't help but notice that Murphy was interested in the fire wood holder next to the fireplace...I figured that Sandy brought the creature in when she brought the wood in yesterday. I told Sandy and she pooh-poohed it...of course...just like there was no mouse upstairs last night.

When I came down later with Bub and she went nuts on the fire wood...I knew I was right and insisted that Sandy take care of it. She did...she picked up one piece of wood at a time, with the dogs on either side of the holder...the lucky winner was Bubbles who pounced on the mouse as soon as it was exposed...she killed it and then ate it! If Truman hadn't been around she would have dropped it for Sandy, but since he grabbed a mouse from her once before and ate it...she doesn't mess around anymore when Truman is around!

So that takes care of the Christmas's gone, gone, gone.

I was able to drive myself to the hospital this AM for my bloodwork, then over to Stop and Shop to pick up herring for tonight, stuff to clean my uniform brass and sour cream for that chili....I had to park and walk a distance and it wasn't bad!

I still had energy, and on the way home from the store I went up to see my old neighbor Trudy. We visited for awhile and then it was time for me to end my solo adventure and head home.

I had my lunch and now I'm headed up to bed to take a nap...and then it will be time to get ready to head up to Phil's to see the family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah Everyone!

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