Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quiet day. Jean came up and brought more hats....one that looks like a "Where's Waldo?" hat...red and with stripe with a tossle on the top....one hideous green, orange and red one; one blue one and one non-descript number. She got them from the RSVP ladies...she didn't need to tell me that...I recognized the style from a 100 feet away!

I think I'll "regift" them.

Jean also brought chili and corn muffins. YUM! Just finished a bowl and it's hitting the spot.

I got my Christmas presents wrapped...all eight of them! The pile for Sandy seems meager by previous year's standards...but I know she'll love all of them.

Tomorrow I have to go for my weekly bloodwork. I'll see how I'm feeling in the AM...if I'm up to it I will drive myself down. I haven't driven my car since the first week of November...remember I'm still working on that tank of gas that I bought around Halloween...for $3.27 a gallon! It's one way to stretch your mileage!

If I don't feel up to it...Sandy will take me. And then I'm going to come home and rest...for the big party at Phil and Renee's tomorrow night!

The whole family will be there...well, probably not Ernie. Maria, Phil (of course), Steve, Roxie, Virginia, Andrew, Audrey and Luke (from Baltimore), Renee, Austin, my Dad and Wini...and Renee's family. That's our Christmas Eve group.

I'm sick of the cold. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up...everything will melt a bit and then freeze again on Christmas Day...then melt again on Saturday.

Marcia wrote me...she's still working on getting information about my port. She's got the head nurse for the 4th floor on the case. The problem is that after they implanted the port in my chest...they never gave me the ID bracelet and ID card that explains what type of port it is...AND they did give me information...about two different types of ports. Sandy felt the port and said that it is NOT one that Backus staff would be familiar with...and Backus would be the other hospital I would be going to if needed...so we need to find out what type of port it is!

So, Miss Marcia has been on the ball...working diligently on this situation. She is still my favorite nurse (and I have to insert the caveat...besides Sandy) and I really appreciate her continued work on my behalf!

Too bad she doesn't read this blog...she has no idea how I brag on her!

Well....I'm going to put my feet up and chill....

Nighty night!

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