Monday, December 22, 2008

More work, work, work

Sandy had to go into work early this AM to take CPR classes. The dogs were up and fed and didn't think I should get to sleep late. So, I got up and took a shower and boy, was it tough rinsing the shampoo out of my hair!

Janet, Jess and Jeremy were coming for lunch, so I straightened up the house a bit and then I vacuumed the first floor! WOW!! I did make sure I didn't lift the I'm not supposed to lift more than five pounds...according to Dr. Lachance.

I completely ignored that weight limit edict a short while later, when I picked Truman up and put him out on the deck....when "The J's" arrived, he just went nuts, running around, flying up on my lap, jumping all over me! I asked him to calm wasn't I picked him up and put him I was closing the door I realized he weighs a bit more than five pounds! Oh well...not THAT much more...but I did herniate myself lifting Bubbles (who is lighter) after my gastric we'll see what happens.

I stayed up late last night watching the Lady Vols and Stanford play basketball...a really pathetic game. It was an embarassment for women's bball, really. Then there was a great show about a woman who coaches a high school boy's basketball team in Brooklyn NY. That show was great, but it put me in bed around 11:30.

Mary Ann may be dropping by tonight on her way home from work. I have to tell her how everyone loves that throw she bought me at Kohl's. I love it too...because it's nice and warm...and so good looking!

I got a Christmas card today from someone I don't even know. It was from the Delawares who live in Maine, for God's sake! I know their daughter, Cathy, who is a good friend of Maria's...we've even been on vacation together...twice, Disney and Italy. But I never met Mom and Dad Delaware.

I know that thus far there are 26 people subscribed to this blog...but I also know that there are lots more who read it who aren't subscribed. I hear from people via email, cards, etc. about how they read the blog. I don't know what is so damned interesting about this blog...but it seems that there are people who follow it and enjoy it.

I used to have a blog BEFORE I got sick...lots of people read that one too...then I had to shut it down because AOL wasn't going to offer that feature any more. I couldn't understand why people would want to read was just about my mundane existence. But now that I am reading other people's blogs, I understand.

I love reading Maria's blog...about what she made for supper, the party she went to, what she, Karin, Cathy and Jane are up to. Lindsay has a new blog about her adventures with Jim in the new motorhome, traveling with the dogs. Sue has a blog and I keep up with her latest adventures in her quest to get a new apartment and her weight loss journey.

Blogs are fun and mostly harmless. I do enjoy writing in this one and I'm happy that other people enjoy it too.

So, welcome Delawares and all the other "Delawares" who are out there that I don't even know about! Welcome to my world...with all it's foibles, warts, laughs and tribulations. It's real life!

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