Friday, December 26, 2008 I sit hooked up to the old chemo bag. It's nice up here...a little cramped with two of us to a room. The lay-out is bad...bad placement of the electrical outlets, bad lip on the bathroom door which makes it hard to drag the IV pole into the bathroom, etc. They never consulted the nurses when they made the rooms! Poor planning...but you see that happen all the time.

While I've been hooked up two other people have already come and gone...the third one is in with me now. The friend with her is originally from I got to do my BEAT KILLINGLY cheer.

They pushed the benadryl first...that didn't knock me out...but made me feel all woozy for about an hour or so...then I dozed off for a bit.

Sandy found Dr. Lachance out making his rounds...he came by to say hi and to chat.

They have snacks here....chips, pretzels, etc. And they bring a variety of sandwiches around at noon time...but the tuna sandwich I got was soggy on the bottom and that turns me I guess I'll be having Sandy get me lunch or I'll bring it with me.

I guess I have a couple more hours to go. Then I'll be heading home and crawling into bed. On the way home we're going to swing by the new house that the Extreme Home Makeover guys built in Voluntown. Sandy spotted the roof, towering over the other houses on the way up today.

They just hung my second bag of more after this one and then they run saline through for a half hour...I'm just trying to estimate the time.

I'm going to sign off now and nap a little..

Nighty night!

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