Sunday, December 7, 2008

An achy kind of day. Weird pains in my hip that started last night, waking me up. I lay there thinking..."who's hip is hurting? My hip doesn't hurt like that!" But it was my hip and it continues off and on all day. Sandy says she thinks it could be marrow..and she may be is a deeper kind of twinge.

Sandy dragged Christmas stuff out to put up....worked two hours and had little to show for it...the reindeer don't want to light up and the one that does, won't stand up in the yard! Can't find all our fake wreaths that we used to put on the gates, door and windows. Good thing Jeremy surprised us by putting a beautiful real wreath on our front gate and then driving away! It's now hanging on the front door.

The candles Sandy got for each window (which would look really nice) don't reach the damned outlets! So, she has to get extension cords for each one! Nothing is easy!

We're wondering if perhaps we left a lot of Christmas decorations at the old house when we moved...we never did that last walk-through in the basement and we know the movers missed a lot of stuff from down there--paint and some tools, etc.

Watching the Patriots play Seattle...who have won only two games this year. I do NOT recognize these Patriots anymore. And now Tedy Bruschi is hurt..what next? Doesn't look good for my favorite team!

I was hoping to make it to the Mortality Review meeting tomorrow...but I'm saying "uncle" for now. I have to rest. So, I just sent my comments via email and hope I can make the next meeting.

Oh...I had two (count 'em) two pieces of pizza for lunch today! Next up I'll try to make a dent in a hamburg, spinach and sweet potato for supper. Here's hoping my appetite holds!

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Lynne said...

I'm glad to see you enjoy the best foods in life: pizza and brownies! Christmas decorations will put a smile on your face. I'd be happy to come up and help decorate. Let me know if you're up for my company. Big hugs.