Friday, December 12, 2008

Better and better

Good night's sleep last night, despite the wind and rain howling. I drank a protein shake before I put the light's out and that helped calm my stomach. Maybe I've been hungry all this time. You know, since my gastric bypass surgery, I have had trouble figuring out when I am hungry.

I don't feel hunger like I used to. Usually when I've gone too long between meals, I feel a bit ill and Sandy has to tell me to eat. So..last night I remembered that and had the protein shake. BIG DIFFERENCE!!

I got up at nine and came downstairs. Sandy went out shopping and left me to fend for myself...which I can handle now. I got myself my lunch and snacks and went up for a nap at 2pm. Slept until 4pm...this is my new routine....I don't mind it.

Jean is here for dinner and to stay the night with me. I think this will be the last night I'll need that until my next chemo session starts...and I may not need it then either.

She and Sandy are making fish tonight and I'm really looking forward to having it...been thinking about it all day.

Just going to veg out tonight and get to bed at a decent hour. Quiet weekend ahead. Nice.

Nighty night!

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