Thursday, December 11, 2008


I see where Jennifer Anniston is making quite a stir by appearing on GQ wearing nothing but a Brooks Bros. tie.

This got me to thinking..."what do I have to lose by showing off my new bod wearing nothing but one of Mr. Peeper's bow ties?" I can do better than Jen!

Email me privately for copies of those pics.

Quiet day. Got up early and ate a nice bowl of reduced sugar oatmeal, that I made myself and a cup of coffee...also made by me.

Sandy had a MD appt. at noon, so I made my own lunch too...had some of that great winter squash soup that Barb brought over last night...Mary the chef had made it for me! I added a half of a ham and cheese on pumpernickel sandwich and had a nice little meal.

After I let lunch sit for abit I made my way back upstair with Lily and Bubbles. I was so tired, but I didn't fall asleep for a long time...which was felt good just lying there, being quiet. I finally dozed later on and got up refreshed at around 2:30...back downstairs for a little snack of ice cream and Animal Crackers (a comfort food for me).

When Sandy got home I told her I had a hankering for pizza off she went to Joe DiMaggio's in downtown Jewett City (a real experience...if you've never been yourself a favor) get me a small hamburg and spinach pizza. I had two wonderful slices.

Later I cleaned the half bath downstairs while Sandy vacuumed and then I windexed around downstairs. That pretty much wiped me that's it for my house cleaning tasks for awhile!

Now I'm vegging in the recliner, waiting for Survivor to start...then it's off to bed to rejuvenate for another day!

Pretty boring stuff, eh? I like it this way!

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

Animal crackers...YUM! It's been ages and ages since I've had them. They remind me of those shopping trips with my memere when I was a wee little tot....